SCIENTIA DIABOLICAM by Humberto Maggi (Limited Edition Quarter Bound in Snakeskin)

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SCIENTIA DIABOLICAM by Humberto Maggi (Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition)

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Limited to 190 copies bound in quarter smooth snakeskin and emerald silk with black Oritz endpapers.

Collected Essays of Humberto Maggi

Sixteen erudite full length essays expanded and illustrated in colour, over 390 pages with numerous
charts and diagrams

The essays in the book form part of a remarkable personal journey around the world from South America to Europe and Africa, into the realms of magic, ancient grimoires mixing with modern practice, the sorcery of Exu jostles against the Goetia, Faustus finds a bedfellow with Saint Cyprian and Solomon with the Devil…..

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