SERPENTINE SUPPLICATIONS: A Collection of Sacrilegious Text by Stephan Friedman


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Lavishly printed by Mount Abraxas Press, the book is a highly worthy addition to any serious library of Occult Literature.

Book is a limited edition of only 77 hand numbered copies. Printed on marmalade colored paper, published in 2019. Book is in new unread condition.

Published by Mount Abraxas Press / Ex Occidente Press

SERPENTINE SUPPLICATIONS is a collection of weird, occult and decadent prose and poetry by Stephan Friedman. It is a first complete edition of Friedman’s works to date. The short stories and poems are permeated with the sense of the otherworldly and the grotesque, bouncing between autobiographical reality and ethereal dimensions. Like a deranged and obscure grandson of Aleister Crowley and Gustav Meyrink, Friedman will take you on a journey to Jerusalem, Prague, Paris and Sighișoara, imaginary black cities and fantastic lands, featuring a strange ophidian cult, witches, goths, vampires, William Blake, Emil Cioran and Antonin Artaud.

Table of Contents:

  • Cast the Seed Into the Heart of the Night
  • Contemplating Binah at a Sister’s Place
  • S in Reverse
  • Shadow of Horror Risen in Eternity
  • The City that Never Dreams
  • The Dog Night
  • The Fiery Serpent
  • The Full Moon
  • The Funeral Cry
  • The Ophidian Revelation



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