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SIGRUN & THE MIST by Jack Grayle, with Commentary by Shani Oates – Limited Edition Hardcover


One of only 750 hand numbered limited edition hardcovers

Book is in new unread condition

Published by Grayle Press

Available for pre-ordering

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NOTE: This is a preorder and is not expected to ship until August 31, 2024

Published by Grayle Press and distributed by Miskatonic Books

Book Details:

  • 750 limited edition copies
  • 10 gorgeous tintypes and ambrotypes
  • Over 200 pages of high-grade paper
  • Smythe-sewn binding
  • Cloth cover with black-foilstamp and Valkyrie photo
  • Blindstamped dragon on back cover by Rowan E. Cassidy
  • Black ribbon; black and white head and tail bands
  • Colored endpapers

Cloth shown in picture may vary from actual book cloth.


The Northern Lights flicker…

Stars flash in the night wind…

Listen, you can hear it –

The shriek of the Valkyries echoes over the snow-deep vales!

Folks, it is HERE!  After five sold-out runs of The Hekataeon, Jack Grayle is BACK with his first new book in five years: Sigrun & the Mist!

Where does Choice end and Fate begin? What happens when we defy the gods? Can love outlast death? What is the difference between Destiny and Doom?

These questions form the red-hot heart Grayle’s new book, which takes the reader on a timeless quest from a lost age…

Sigrun & the Mist is a thrilling retelling of an Icelandic folktale in which heroes, giants, pirates, princes, gods and Valkyries clash in the frozen fjords and mighty mountains of the farthest Northlands.

Robert Graves once wrote that the true gift of the Great Goddess was poetry, and Grayle proves the point by publishing something unprecedented in occult literature since the days of W.B. Yeats: a full-length play in blank verse.  By turns funny, exciting, romantic and raw, this poetic retelling of a Norse legend brings  to life an ancient story with profound implications for our time.

Additionally, Shani Oates, the much-admired occultist, scholar, and Maid of Clan Tubal Cain provides a remarkable 30,000 word commentary on Sigrun in this volume, in which she explains the true nature of the Valkyrie as reaper-of-the-slain, as well as giving invaluable historical and cultural context of Norse magic, seidhr and warfare.

Shani also provides two new  bindrunes which she personally created to help the practitioner connect with the Valkyrie current that is revealed in the story.

For those who wish to compare the play with the original tale, skillful author David Koffer supplies a fresh and fast-paced version of the 500-year-old Icelandic romance with wit and insight.

Finally, Sigrun herself is brought to life in a series of astonishing ambrotypes and tintypes created in an exciting collaboration between wet-plate photographer Nicola Huffstickler and the Kate Moss of Occultism, model Klara Wolfe. Each of these ten photos revivifies the 19th Century pictorialist tradition in a series of iconic images replete with pathos and power in which the true nature of Sigrun is revealed with candor, courage and skill.

The book ends with two personal statements, one by Huffstickler describing the dangerous craft of wet-plate photography, and the second by Wolfe, describing the challenges and triumphs of embodying Sigrun for the camera’s eye.

Sigrun & the Mist is a unique volume that is certain to sell out soon. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the Valkyrie’s quest to fulfill her destiny!



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