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Þ U R S A K Y N G I (THURSAKYNGI)- L O K I Volume II by Ekortu – Deluxe Bound in Goatskin


Þ U R S A K Y N G I (THURSAKYNGI)- L O K I Volume II by Ekortu – Deluxe Bound in Goatskin

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Leatherbound Talisman Edition: Limited edition of 49 copies. LOKI leatherbound edition is one of our most innovative creations, breaking conventional forms and structures in a manner which would not have been possible in a factory setting, all in order to make their forms harmonise with the chaotic essence contained within each of them.

The embossed and vegetable-tanned goat-hides employed for the binding of this work have been of the largest sizes available, in order for them to be possible to cut in the manner that allows the specific runic form to become manifested within their ‘actually talismanic’ binding, making so the physical form of each book a concrete part of the magic that it is meant to embody and transfer.

Each of these Deluxe Edition books come with a birch bark Runic Talisman that the author has individually marked with magical ink and consecrated, by the way of fumigation, with a special Lokian Incense containing amongst many of its secret components human bone powder, wolf fur and elements from a venomous snake.

‘LOKI’ is the second volume in the Þursakyngi series and a grimoire focused on the Sorcerous Praxis of the Thursatru Tradition, a book meant to be a guide for the Thursatruar towards and through the initiatory stages of the Cult of Loki.

The grimoire opens with the chapter ‘Þursbók Loka’ which divulges a Thursian Perspective on Loki, as it is perceived according to the gnosis of the author. It is as such intended to illuminate and bring forth the hidden virtues, aspects, and inner essence of Loki.

The anti-cosmic gnosis received from Mighty Loki within this chapter teaches about the esoteric implications of some of the mythological descriptions of Loki, presented here in a new light, together with his corresponding sacred names and epithets used within the Thursatru Tradition, including also an explanation of his aspect as Útgarðaloki; and other corresponding aspects and virtues of contextual relevance.

The following chapter ‘Fjölkyngisbók’ continues with an assemblage of texts which are meant to prepare the Thursatruar for the Initiatory Workings, with subjects such as Trollskapr, where the general umbrella term Troll is discussed as being, within this specific context of the work presented, descriptive of those that are carriers of the Black Flame, belonging to the Thursian Bloodline. Other topics discussed concern the proper way to Cleanse, Consecrate, and Empower, Hvergelmisvatn, how to light a magical fire; Knot Magic; how to harvest plant parts, the Runes used in Thursian Sorcery, Runic Numerology, the Disharmonic activation of the Thursian powers of the Runes; the Secret Runes of Loki and Loptr where the runes in His names are read and referred to and understood in the darksome light cast by Loki, Fella Blótspánn where an old divination method has been re-created and personalized to suit the Thursian approach and much more.

All this followed by the first chapter on the Sorcerous Workings called ‘Lævateinstaufr’, which guides the Thursatruar in creating and empowering the threefold Lævateinn Fetish and its Mound Throne, to be placed on the Altar of Loki. Book is in fine unread condition

These magical expositions continue with the chapter called ‘Lokastallr’, where instructions concerning how to create the proper Thursian Altar of Loki and its tools, materials, and elements are given.

In the succeeding chapter called ‘Þursakyngisbók Loka’ the book continues to describe and explain certain important elements of the Lokian Sorcery, such as the specific incenses, offerings, the fire steel talisman and the fires of Loki and many other implements by which the webs of magic are created, the Thursian spells are cast and the Antagonistic Forces of the Giants reached and employed.

The grimoire closes with the chapter ‘Blótbók Loka’, which gives the invocations and prayers of the Thursian Cult, granting so to the reader all that is needed in order to cultivate the Fires of Loki, to burn within and light up the path leading to the hidden essence of the Instigator of the World Fire, through which all shall be made cleansed and freed.

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