THE BLACK BOOK OF AZATHOTH by S. Ben Qayin (Limited Edition Hardcover)

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THE BLACK BOOK OF AZATHOTH by S. Ben Qayin (Limited Edition Hardcover)

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This is a hardcover limited edition only 400 hardcover copies. Book is in near fine condition. Trim size in 6×9, 241 pages

From the Publisher:

“I still recall the exact moment the Old Ones first called to me…

Seated at the desk inside my temple, I was doing research on the entities that exist within the realm of the Qabalistic Tree of Death. While those entities hold great power, I found beings that were even more elusive, lurking deeper in the darkness than the rest. Entities that existed on the edge of reality, between madness and genius. Lovecraft had written of these beings that were older than time itself, he experienced them firsthand and wrote about them in dark tales.
I became obsessed, and could not get enough…

So over the last 7 grueling years I have formulated the first Necronomicon that remains 100% faithful to Lovecraft. Now you can answer the call of Cthulhu and the rest of the Old Ones too…”
— S Ben Qayin


Part One – Primer
p. 45 The Black Binding
p. 61 Lunate Script
p. 77 The Angles of the In-Between
p. 87 The Tower of Koth & the Dark Citadel
Part Two – Rites
p. 95 The Rite of Resonating
p. 99 Tunneling Through the Vaults of Zin
p. 125 Consecration of Wand of Nyarlathotep
p. 129 Consecration of Goblet of Shub-Niggurath
p. 133 Consecration of Mirror of Azathoth
p. 117 Initiation with Nyarlathotep
p. 109 Evocation of Yog-Sothoth
p. 137 Evocation of Nyarlathotep
p. 143 Evocation of the Haunter of the Dark
p. 151 Evocation of Cthulhu
p. 157 Evocation of Shub-Niggurath
p. 161 Evocation of the Not to be Named One
p. 165 Evocation of the Lord of the Woods
p. 169 Evocation of Azathoth
p. 181 The Seal of the Invisible Old Ones
Part Three: Codex
p. 189 The Nyarlathotep Codex
p. 217 Consuming the Blackened Serpent
p. 229 The Rite of Nephren-Ka

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