THE BOOK OF NIAD-ZIN by Lukasz Grochocki – Limited Edition Hardcover with CD


THE BOOK OF NIAD-ZIN by Lukasz Grochocki – Limited Edition Hardcover with CD

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Book is limited to 111 copies, 321 pages and comes with a CD. Book is in new unread condition.

Published by Sirius Limited Esoterica

From the publisher:

The Book of Niad-Zin or the “Book of Magickal Workings,” is a collection of essays that focus on the Magick of the Order of the Fire Fountain, Comparative Mythology, and Slavic Sorcery.
First, I explore the Fire Fountain magickal system, its many theoretical aspects, its practical applications, as well as its history and origins. Here is revealed the Secret Text of Creation, a Demon Oracle, and the Order’s Self Initiation Ceremony.
Next, I analyze several disparate religio-magickal systems from whose overlapping similarities I have distilled a series of rituals. Amongst these is a Luciferian conjuration of the Constellation of the Great Bear, an intriguing link between Mesoamerican myths and the Goetia, as well as instructions on creating an Egyptian style servitor.
Finally, I return to my roots where I research my Slavic heritage. Here I discuss such subjects as Slavic mythology, demonology and magick. In this section can be found such things as a long forgotten Fable, a Consecration of the Domovik House Spirit, and the Conjuration of the Demon Witch Baba Yaga!
This book is both a source of mythological examination and a compilation of ritualistic ceremonies. It’s purpose is to help and inspire the practitioner to delve deeper into their personal magickal evolution.
PART 1: Fire Fountain Workings
Chapter 1: A New Magickal Technology
Chapter 2: Fire Fountain Creation Myth
Chapter 3: The 7 Realms Working
Chapter 4: Ybte Myth Cycle
Chapter 5: Gates of the Dead
Chapter 6: A Necromantic Working
PART 2: Comparative Mythology
Chapter 7: The 7 Chthonic Sages Working
Chapter 8: 9 Lords of the Underworld
Chapter 9: The Bone River Working
PART 3: Slavic Workings
Chapter 10: Slavic Demonology
Chapter 11: A Carpathian Working
Chapter 12: The Dream Working
Chapter 13: Echoes from the Dream Forest


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