THE COMMENTARIES OF AL: The Equinox Vol. V, No. 1 by Aleister Crowley (2nd Edition Hardcover)


THE COMMENTARIES OF AL: The Equinox Vol. V, No. 1 by Aleister Crowley (2nd Edition Hardcover)

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Book is a mint condition copy of the second edition of The Commentaries of AL, being The Equinox Volume V, Number 1. The second edition was published in Australia in 1990 e.v.

When first published in 1975 e.v. The Commentaries of AL introduced a new series of The Equinox under the auspices of Marcelo Ramos Motta, Praemonstrator of the A∴A∴ and a Master of the Temple of the A∴A∴. During his lifetime Mr. Motta contributed significantly to Thelemic Literature with his illuminating and modern Commentaries to the Works of Aleister Crowley. Modern students have profited greatly from his published Annotations. Following is a detailed description of the book:

EQUINOX V 1: The Commentaries of AL

This Number includes the Initiated commentaries to Liber AL vel Legis: The Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley and Marcelo Motta, as well as publications in Classes B and D that bear upon Chapters or Verses of Liber AL. This is the second edition of The Commentaries of AL.

It was published in Australia in 1990 e.v. by a small group of A.’.A.’. Neophytes and O.T.O. Members under the authority of William Robert Barden, sole surviving Director of the Society O.T.O. at the time of Marcelo Motta’s death. It was designed to complete The Equinox, Volume Five series according to the exact instructions of Mr. Motta.

Gold-stamped on purple cloth, perfect bound with 311 pages, plus color reproductions of The Stele of Revealing. It also includes a facsimile of the holograph of The Book of the Law, and an extensive cross-referenced Index. This Index has been expanded and enhanced.

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