The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan (The Conflict of the Ages in the Christian Dispensation) by Ellen G. White (1927 Hardcover Edition)


The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan (The Conflict of the Ages in the Christian Dispensation) by Ellen G. White (1927 Hardcover Edition)

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Book is an ex library edition with the standard library markings and handlings otherwise book is in very good condition and would be a great edition to any spiritual library.

This edition of The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan – Ellen White’s history of Christianity:

Throughout her detailed and lengthy treatise, White focuses upon the conflict between Jesus Christ and Satan across various periods of Christian history. Beginning with the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, we advance chronologically through the early Christian persecutions, to the Renaissance-era Reformations of Europe, and to the spread of Christian beliefs around the world and particularly to America. In this text, White presents Christian history and events as signifying the cosmic battle of duality between Jesus Christ and Satan. The various incidents described are, according to White, manifestations of this battle on Earth. Key players such as the Papacy, together with various saints and prophets are also described as playing influential parts in the ongoing battle. We are also told that the future holds further conflict, and that eventually – with faith and belief sustained by adherents – Satan will be driven out for good. It is through this process that the world will become again the exclusive province of God, with the Earthly lives of mankind characterized by greater harmony and peace thereafter. Ellen G. White was one of the foremost early leaders within the Seventh-Day Adventist church. It is her doctrine – inspired by many visions she had, corresponding with her intensive study of many Christian scriptures and texts – which holds prominent place in Adventist theology to this day. Of the twenty-eight fundamentals belonging to this denomination, this book represents the eighth: That Jesus Christ arose literally and bodily from the grave.


1.) The Destruction of Jerusalem — 2.) Persecution in the First Centuries — 3.) The Apostasy — 4.) The Waldenses — 5.) John Wycliffe — 6.) Huss and Jerome — 7.) Luther’s Separation From Rome — 8.) Luther Before the Diet — 9.) The Swiss Reformer — 10.) Progress of Reform in Germany — 11.) Protest of the Princes — 12.) The French Reformation — 13.) The Netherlands and Scandinavia — 14.) Later English Reformers — 15.) The Bible and the French Revolution — 16.) The Pilgrim Fathers — 17.) Heralds of the Morning — 18.) An American Reformer — 19.) Light Through Darkness — 20.) A Great Religious Awakening — 21.) A Warning Rejected — 22.) Prophecies Fulfilled — 23.) What is the Sanctuary? — 24.) In the Holy of Holies — 25.) God’s Law Immutable — 26.) A Work of Reform — 27.) Modern Revivals — 28.) The Investigative Judgement — 29.) The Origin of Evil — 30.) Emnity Between Man and Satan — 31.) Agency of Evil Spirits — 32.) Snares of Satan — 33.) The First Great Deception — 34.) Spiritualism — 35.) Character and Aims of the Papacy — 36.) The Impending Conflict – Its Causes — 37.) The Scriptures a Safeguard — 38.) The Final Warning — 39.) The Time of Trouble — 40.) God’s People Delivered — 41.) Desolation of the Earth — 42.) The Controversy Ended — * APPENDIX — * BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES — * SCRIPTURAL INDEX — * GENERAL INDEX


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