The Grimoire of St. Cyprian – Clavis Inferni by Stephen Skinner & David Rankine

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The Grimoire of St. Cyprian – Clavis Inferni by Stephen Skinner & David Rankine

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  • Hardcover Edition
  • 96 Pages
  • Vol. 5

The Grimoire of St. Cyprian – There have been many grimoires attributed to St. Cyprian of Antioch due to his reputation as a consummate magician before his conversion to Christianity, but perhaps none so intriguing as the present manuscript.

This unique manuscript (unlike the more rustic examples attributed to St Cyprian called the Black Books of Wittenburg, as found in Scandinavia, or the texts disseminated under his name in Spain and Portugal) is directly in line with the Solomonic tradition, and therefore relevant to our present series of Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic.

It is unique in that instead of being weighed down with many prayers and conjurations it addresses the summoning and use of both the four Archangels, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel as well as their opposite numbers, the four Demon Kings, PaymonMaimonEgyn and Oriens. The later are shown in their animal and human forms along with their sigils, a resource unique amongst grimoires.

The text is in a mixture of three magical scripts, Greek, Hebrew, cipher, Latin, (and reversed Latin) with many contractions and short forms, but expanded and made plain by the editors. The title of the manuscript, Clavis Inferni sive magia alba et nigra approbata Metratona, literally meansThe Key of Hell with white and black magic as proven by Metatron‘..


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