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The Holy Guardian Angel: On the practice and experience of the Holy Guardian Angel edited by Michael Cecchetelli – Limited Edition Hardcover


The Holy Guardian Angel. On the practice and experience of the Holy Guardian Angel edited by Michael Cecchetelli – Limited Edition Hardcover

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One of only 500 hand numbered hardcover limited edition copies! Book is in very good condition.

From the publisher:

We did something different with this book. We sent out digital copies for review by practicing Occultists. They asked for no compensation and they will not receive anything from us. I thought that one review in particular really captured what the book is all about so well that I decided to include it here because I couldn’t do a better job of writing it up. It’s hard to improve on someone’s honest opinion. The following is taken from the Blog: The Digital Ambler, an Occult Blog.

” Whether you’ve already had contact with your HGA, or even already reached the grade of Ipsissimus in the Golden Dawn, or even are a newcomer to Hermetic magic generally, Fr. MC’s book “The Holy Guardian Angel” is going to be a wealth of information and practice for you. It’ll give you things to look forward to if you don’t yet have contact with your HGA, and it’ll give you plenty to chew on if you already do (or think you do). The book is one of the closest things we have to a textbook on working with the HGA especially when paired with things like the Book of Abramelin or Liber Samekh, but it’s also definitely one of the most approachable texts out there. To see the words and minds of these magicians put together in a single volume on a complicated subject is a treat, both intellectually and spiritually, and definitely a must-have for ceremonial magicians.

The text itself is 216 pages long, beautifully typeset and well-edited, making the reading of it a pleasure all on its own. The book is broken down into four parts: the nature of the HGA, what comes after contact and how to work with the HGA, different schools of thought about the HGA, and a whole section devoted to some of the important blog posts made during the 2011 pan-blogosphere debates on the HGA. Of course, MC himself is only one contributing author to the book, and that only in the final section; as he says in the introduction, he “realized no author had set about producing such a volume [on achieving K&CHGA], wherein are presented a diverse and varying cross-section of the beliefs on the subject, was because no single author could”. It’s a complicated subject with layers upon layers of interpretation, use, and philosophy, making writing such a book on such a spirit more daunting than any other series of tomes on almost any other part of magic.”

I could not have said it better myself. Also Mike Cecchetelli has hand picked a group of celebrated Magicians for their expertise and ability to present even the most complex of subjects in a user friendly way that will be of great benefit to seasoned practitioner and novice alike. They are:

• A Solar Spark of Light And Fire – Darren Scriven
• Nine Pieces of Heart Advice For Those Seeking The HGA – Jason Miller
• The Descended Angel – Scott Michael Stenwick
• Never Again Alone – Rufus Opus
• After Abramelin: Working With Your Holy Guardian Angel – Aaron Leitch
• Passing Through The Void: Journey To Unite With Your HGA – Frater Ashen F.N.F.
• The Voice of Light: The HGA In The Ogdoadic Tradition – Derik Richards
• Knowledge and Conversation of The HGA: One Thelemites Perspective – Kevin Abblett
• Holy Guardian Angel(s)? – Conjureman Ali
• Holy Guardian Angels, Helpful Spirits and The Genius – MC
• 2 Years Later – The HGA Revisited – MC
And more.

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