THE LIGHT OF EGYPT or THE SCIENCE OF THE SOULS AND THE STARS by Thomas H. Burgoyne (2 Vol Hardcover Edition 1963)


THE LIGHT OF EGYPT or THE SCIENCE OF THE SOULS AND THE STARS by Thomas H. Burgoyne (2 Vol Hardcover Edition 1963)

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Hardcover. Astro Philosophical Publishing Company, Denver, Co. 1903. xi,  392 pgs.  Reprint edition1963
Bound in brown cloth boards with gilt titles and gilt design. Book is in very good condition with some shelf-wear, toning to pages due to age, former owners signature on front endpaper, dot on top foredges. Book is likely an ex-library and I wouldn’t consider it to be in collectable condition but it is great for research and would be a fantastic addition to your occult library. 
Contains the basic teachings of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, heavily influenced by the sexual magic of Paschal Beverly Randolph (who also influenced the Ordo Templi Orientis under Aleister Crowley). 
Thomas H. Burgoyne, an astrologer and founder of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, was born April 14, 1855, and grew up in his native Scotland. Spontaneously psychic, he claimed that as a child he came into contact with the Brotherhood of Light, a group of discarnate, advanced beings who attempt to guide the destiny of humankind. Today that group continues as the Church of Light. At a later date he met a M. Theon, purported to be an earthly representative of the brotherhood who taught Burgoyne about the Brotherhood. Burgoyne moved to the United States around 1880 and soon afterward his writings began to appear in various periodicals. He was brought into contact with Norman Astley of Carmel, California, who also claimed to be in contact with the Brotherhood of Light. Astley suggested that Burgoyne write a set of lessons to introduce the brotherhood’s teachings to the public, and Burgoyne accepted Astley’s hospitality at Carmel while he worked on the lessons. They were published in 1889 as “The Light of Egypt.” The writing of the lessons occasioned the establishment of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor as an esoteric occult order and outer expression of the Brotherhood of Light. The Hermetic Brotherhood was structured with three leaders, a seer, a scribe/secretary, and an astrologer. Burgoyne became the scribe. As Burgoyne understood it, the Brotherhood of Light was an occult order formed to oppose the dominant religious powers of the day in ancient Egypt. As the members died, they continued the brotherhood from their new plane of being.


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