THE LUSITANIAN GRIMOIRE by André Consciência – Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition with Altar Cloth


THE LUSITANIAN GRIMOIRE by André Consciência – Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition with Altar Cloth

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Deluxe Edition limited to 22 hand numbered copies in pure leather. also includes an altar tapestry.

Published by Sirius Limited Esoterica

From the publisher:

Pre-Roman paganism, its magic in Iberia and particularly in Lusitania can be a hard subject, the sources are scarce – not as scarce as painted – and historians are often afraid to make decisions based on the archaeological findings. To worsen it, almost no author magician has leant over it far enough, partially discouraged by academics against any form of revival but also because creating a system to work with the ancient spirits of Iberia would require the capacity to do precisely that, and to do it in connection with the respective tutelary deities.

This work can count with extensive readings by the author of academic and archaeological papers, as well as the study of the conjectures of fellow pagans who adhere to the cause of the Lusitanian deities and ancestral traditions. However, the work at hands is mainly the result of group workings starting in 2007 at ancient pagan sites in Portugal, followed by a larger period of solo work with the deities and the ancestral cults.

The first attempts by the author to form an effective mode for the solo practitioner to work with these gods and goddesses, in 2010, were considered by himself non efficient, and were aborted. However, in one of his previous initiations the oath of undergoing this mission had been taken, and it was twelve years after first attempting to succeed, that the art matured enough to be easily used by any magician experienced in the evocational tradition.



  • Introduction
  • The Lusitanians
  • Traits of the Warrior
  • Grimoire Terminology
  • The Manner of Approaching the Deities
  • Lusitanian Cosmology
  • The Tongo
  • Necromancy
  • The Sorcery of Articulate Phonemes
  • On Understanding the Mother Phonemes
  • The Pentacle
  • Evoking the Deities
  • Reve
  • Nabia
  • Trebraruna
  • Ataegina
  • Endovelico
  • Arentio and Arentia
  • Ouangeio
  • Oipaengia
  • Neto
  • Munidis
  • Bandua
  • Ilurbeda
  • Iccona
  • Harase
  • Erbina
  • Broeneia
  • Asidia
  • Amma
  • Aetio
  • Aelua
  • Crouga
  • Conclusion

From the book:

“It is not our aim to reproduce exactly how ritual, ceremony and magic worked in pre-Roman times at the Iberian Peninsula. Archaeologists and historians have failed to do it in its completeness, so far, and so have magicians in the past, myself included, no matter how much I worked and slept in the cromlechs in communion with the gods and with the land, or how much of my own blood I came to offer. History is subject to interpretation, and mythology even more so.

However, it has been often stated that Iberian mythology has been completely lost to the invasions of Rome. This is not true, there are enough elements to work with and if the people of Iberia themselves have not come up with a working system that makes use of the many elements of the history we were able to recover, lagging behind the Celtic revivals, it is only due to lack of will, vision, or for fear of error. Fortunately, I am am magician. I measure error by what fails to work, and success by what succeeds in working.

For the first time a Lusitanian Grimoire is made available, placing the Lusitanian deities together with the deities of other ancient traditions that were given continuity in the body of occultism. Not only that, it is a Grimoire that is operational, with its own system, vocabulary and guidelines, adapted to the traditional and very ancient imaginary that is the one of Lusitania.

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THE LUSITANIAN GRIMOIRE by André Consciência - Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition with Altar Cloth THE LUSITANIAN GRIMOIRE by André Consciência - Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition with Altar Cloth
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