THE NINE DEMONIC GATEKEEPERS by E.A. Koetting – Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition

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THE NINE DEMONIC GATEKEEPERS by E.A. Koetting – Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition

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This is a leather bound limited edition hardcover. 495 pages and is in new unread condition.

Published by Become a Living God

From the publisher:

You’re about to learn secrets most magicians will never know about the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers.

Over three years ago, I embarked on an unprecedented magick journey to peacefully unmask the ancient prehuman diplomats from Outer Darkness, known as the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers. These godlike demons have manifested in the magical religions of humanity’s greatest civilizations under an array of faces and masks for millennia.

Across nine three-month pathworkings with every one of the nine godlike demons, I underwent the deepest possible possession and channeled their priceless secrets, knowledge, and magick to trigger black alchemy and eternal ascent. This full series of radical, life-changing experiences has culminated in The Grimoires of the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, Books 1-9.

Altogether, I have combined these advanced nine demonic grimoires into one 459-page master grimoire for your convenience — to let you perform the same life-changing pathworkings for supreme gnosis with the Lords of Darkness.

BELIAL: Without A Master

Book 1. The Grimoire of Belial — Earth’s Most Complete Guide To Magick Of Belial With A 15,000-Word Spirit Grimoire Featuring The Top 5 Demonic Familiars & Nethers Of His Infernal Empire

My Book One in this compendium measures at approximately 15,000 words. It contains 100% pure revelation received in both black mirror scrying and possession channelling; it involves no ponderous facts nor intellectual rumination on Belial.

You receive completely uncensored, undiluted black magick.

Moreover, in certain instances my experiences might annoy or disturb traditionalists because they transcend and contradict the claims of past magicians like Aleister Crowley.

In the Second Edition of The Goetia, Crowley made the remark that the number of legions governed by Belial was 80, due to Perdurabo’s own magickal work with that demon. I can’t say exactly what is responsible for the increase, but as my Temple filled with unholy spirits, 80 Legions seemed to be quite the understatement…. — Darkness Communion, page 24

As a second example:

Do what thou wilt is no longer the law. There is no law. — Belial, Channellings & Conclusions, p.86

The science of magick is never settled. If you view magick as an emerging field, then you will love this compendium because it provides four alternate perspectives that innovate from conclusions of previous sorcerers.

When Belial and I convened at the Crossroads in my black mirror, I tried to remain on the topic of the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, the Outer Darkness, the Cosmic Awakening, the Ancient Covenant as he called it, and even a possible alien extraterrestrial connection. At times Belial enlightened me, for example when he shared his top Five Familiars; but other times he mocked me with riddles and then belly laughed at my confusion.

Belial disappeared from beneath the surface of the mirror, and his familiars appeared … to my scrying eyes as clearly as Belial had, their deeds and powers spoken by Belial’s now incorporeal voice … as they appeared in the mirror before me, their sigils also took shape in my grimoire, like lines of energy only slightly brighter than the paper pages, but shimmering as things from other worlds will. — Mirror Gate, p.51

If a random stranger stumbled across my grimoire, they would mistake it for a diary full of apocalyptic, schizophrenic ramblings interspersed with creepy geometric illustrations. But in truth, it records a litany of priceless channelled insights into an Ancient Covenant forged between the Demonic Gatekeepers and the human race millennia ago.

LUCIFER-AMAYMON: The Enlightener

Book 2. The Grimoire of Lucifer-Amaymon — Official: Amaymon Reveals Himself As The Last, Darkest, And Eldest Mask Of Lucifer… The “Light Bearer” Unmasks His Face As His Solar Power Supercharges Human Evolution

“Alash tad al’ash tal ashtu!” I repeated over and over, invoking the words of the Ancient Covenant that both binds our races and bridges our worlds. In the air before me I could see the Dragon’s Eye staring at me, scrying into me. – p. 31

  • The moment-by-moment backstory of my rollercoaster relationship with the Demonic Gatekeeper Amaymon — discover how my rebirth in the Lake of Fire with Azazel opened my path to Amaymon – p. 31
  • Line-by-line magick transmission from the Black Sun, Amaymon – p. 35
  • The cosmic meaning and power behind The God Star and Seed of Darkness — the Seal of the Covenant between the Gatekeepers and Humanity – p. 41
  • A word-for-word transcription of the Invocation of All Powers — which I chant for the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers to emerge from Outer Darkness – p. 32
  • My life-changing lucid dream experience in the Egyptian Temple of the Solar Deity with Amun, Ra, and Ptah — learn the single most important discovery of my entire pathworking, the incantation SAH!  – p. 44
  • Ancient secrets of The Pyramid Text — I reveal how to breathe The Serpent’s Breath and awaken The Dragon’s Eye – p. 49
  • How to perform an Operation of the Assumption of Godforms with Amaymon — a full-tilt evocation called the Operation of Darkness Communion – p. 54
  • The Elementary Principles of Evocation — my new, revised, step-by-step guide to summoning a spirit to full appearance along with a genuine journal chapter on my experience when I used it with Amaymon – p. 64
  • Gnostic exegesis from Amaymon on the Black Sun Covenant between Lucifer and the Children of Darkness — he finally discloses the truth about the ancient covenant between the Demonic Diplomats and the human species – p. 76
  • How I perform a Mirror Gate rite to manifest Lucifer-Amaymon on this physical earth plane — I make conscious contact through a six foot tall black mirror, a literal doorway in my temple  – p. 87

AZAZEL: Steal Fire From The Gods

Book 3. The Grimoire of Azazel — Historic 20,000-Word Conclusion To A Seven-Year Pathworking With Demonic Gatekeeper Azazel & His “Left Hand Man” Ant’harratu… Discover The Finale To A Legendary Relationship Between E.A. And Azazel… His All-New “The Grimoire Of Azazel” Provides A Shocking Conclusion To His Cult Classic “The Book Of Azazel” From 2012 — Truly A “MUST READ” Book

  • World’s first known pathworking of the Azazel’s eldest, closest, most powerful Nether, Ant’harratu — p.19

Ant’harratu materializes first as a vapor or a thin smoke filling the northwestern part of the Temple. After spiraling for several moments, his form materializes as a figure cloaked and hooded in black. The Gateway of Pacts is emblazoned on the chest of his robe, burning like a psychic brand.

Ant’harratu is possibly the most powerful of all the Nethers. He is a maker of miracles. He claims to have taught sorcery to the priests of Babylon, Egypt, and Olmec. It was by his invisible hand that many miraculous alterations in my life and circumstances were brought about. — p.19

  • How to birth and absorb Ant’harratu’s Nether Orb to unite with him through your spiritual bodies and become a “Machine of Evil” as he calls it — p.22
  • Ant’harratu’s deifying Rite of Transfiguration to undergo corpus alchemy — a formula to rise into a physical apotheosis — p.22
  • Ant’harratu’s baneful Rite of Domination that utilizes sympathetic magick to override your enemy into a state of possession and steer them under your dominance — p.23
  • Ant’harratu’s narcotic Rite of Withdrawal to harmonize your magick faculties into a nirvana-like state of convalescent rapture — p.24
  • How to marshal Nether legions to rise from Azazel’s Shadow Realm to serve your Empire — p.32
  • Diary of my beholding the Goddess Azazel in his rarest female mask wherefore she unveiled a demiurgic reproductive talisman called the Triple Chalice — with a complete initiatory lesson on impregnating the Triple Chalice with the Seed of Darkness to give birth to actual living souls, in contrast to synthetic egregores — p.38
  • Introduction to my first born soul, a literal Child of Darkness named Steggam’tah — find out why I gave that peculiar name — p.40
  • Moment-by-moment retelling of my highest initiation with Azazel, when he bestowed his namesake talisman The Sword of Azazel to me through a life-changing Mirror Gate evocation — p.45

“Metaphysics calls it the Astral Body of Light, but there is a Body of Darkness. And my Sword is now in your Left Hand of Darkness.” — Azazel, p.54

  • How to perform the Rite of Reverse Possession to become Azazel and initiate yourself as a Demonic Gatekeeper in the flesh — p.58

ABADDON: Angel Of The Abyss

Book 4. The Grimoire of Abaddon — Here’s The Angel Of The Bottomless Pit’s Ultimate Grimoire Of Necromantic Sorcery, Baneful Magick & Binding Spells… Learn To Harness The Unlimited Power Of Dark Goddess Kali In Her Most Lawless Form, And Find Out Why E.A. Evoked & Cursed The Archangels To Their Faces — A MUST READ

  • A behemoth 33,000-word Book of Shadows  filled with highly enlightening & often terrifying encounters with Abaddon, Azazel, Belial, Amaymon, Kali, the Archangels & more — a full-length 100-page book in itself — p.37-135
  • True “overcoming the odds” story of how E.A. performed black magick to resurrect a dying “road to nowhere” life in his early 30’s to FINALLY find his path to godhood — p.46-7
  • How to perform ancient Hindu japa meditation with a mala, mantra & more to “drop mind” and open your Third Eye for revelation with the darkest female mask of Abaddon, known as Kali, Mother of Death — p.50-6

What’s being summoned, what’s being created here is the manifestation of the Father, The Lord of Darkness, manifested in physical form as the Prince of Darkness, called by prophecy the Antichrist.
This is not Satan. This is older than Amaymon. It is even older, greater, deeper than Abaddon, the Lord of Darkness.
This is a force, an entity, a Supreme Being that I’ve learned to call The Father when speaking casually.
When I’m speaking ceremonially, when I’m speaking ritually, when I’m speaking in the magickal tongue, this is a being that I refer to as Satolas. — p.58

  • Origin & eschatology of the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, cosmology of the Infernal Empire, and relationship dynamics between nobility like Prince of Darkness, the Lord of Darkness, the Antichrist & the Father — p.58-60
  • Live transcription of calling down the Four Demonic Kings with Lucifer, submerging into the Lake of Fire, my recipe of a Demogorgon Elixir, and accompanied Roman Ritual exorcism — p.61-5

I was not merely issuing threats, but I armed every statement with fixed intent and magickal Will, arming the words as weapons, curses laid against the Archangel.
The angel suffocated the moment that his sigil touched the Elixir, and every word I spoke cemented his torment.
“Uriel, this is but the Sword of my Ancestors,” I informed him. “It is but a symbol. There is another sword that I have, another sword that I hold. I myself am the Sword of Azazel!” — p.69

  • Live transcription of summoning Archangels of the Watchtowers, baptizing them in Marks of Damnation & their ensuing belligerence toward my destroying the Kingdom of God  — my black-blood curse on Raphael, Michael, Gabriel & Uriel with my Hand of Darkness — p.66-9
  • Black energy body techniques called Black Renunciation & Heretical Hubris that mirror the Will to Power & Eternal Recurrence of the cosmos through annihilation of limitation & aggrandizement of black energy — p.81-97
  • Jiva-Samsara Karma Trap — Necessary ritual formula, ritual elements, status idols & deific orations to perform a binding curse through Pomba Gira that forces your victim’s most painful emotional traumas to re-surface, bind, and suffocate them — p.101-13
  • The Monster God, the Black Sphinx & the Locust Army — three high-powered clairvoyant rites of the magickal imagination for progressive initiation — p.115-28

This is the process of the creation of the Devil’s Idol. Once complete, it will no longer be a human skull, but it will be the Devil’s Skull, a direct link to the Lord of Darkness, whose eyes will burn red in the empty sockets, whose voice will be heard from the cracked teeth, whose dark power will radiate from within the bones. — p.129

  • The Devil’s Idol — Extreme Version — The ultimate necromantic ritual that comprises reanimation of a human skull through Jiva-liberation and sealing the soul by the Ze’al Chakra, then reincarnational possession empowered by the Unborn Ones, Akepheru — p.129-35
  • Completion of the First Cycle a.k.a. The Ignition Cycle consisting of full communion with Belial, Amaymon, Azazel & Abaddon thus locking their Gates open within you — p.135

LUCIFUGE: The Lord Of Pacts

Book 5. The Grimoire of Lucifuge — A six-year, 23,000-word, faithful retelling of my “high gnosis” revelation experiences with the three-horned goat, Lucifuge, as he divulged the premise & by-laws of The Ancient Covenant between Demon & Humankind

I covenant to construct the Infernal Empire on earth, and to open nine permanent gateways on this earth, so that the ancient Gods, now called demons, may walk the earth. — p.28

  • True story of my FIRST ever evocation and gnosis with Lucifuge, when he literally appeared as a “three-horned devil with the body of a man and the legs of a goat” — the Scribe of Hell, Master of the Pact, the King of the Black Crown — p.27
  • Why I had embarked on a magickal “Treasure Hunt” to find the “Master Switch” of manifestation — a chief demon who could return “windfalls of more money than I could ever spend” and why Lucifuge the Lord of Pacts answered my call — p.27
  • How I became a channeling medium of Lucifuge for a ritual client named ‘M’ and how this high gnosis experience revealed the by-laws of an ancient covenant between demonkind and humankind. — p.30
  • The “Three Prongs” of the End of Days — how these act as the keys to “cataclysmic enlightenment for all” according to Lucifuge — p.30
  • My stance on the alleged connexion to Focalor from the Goetia — p.33
  • The exact oration that I used to summon Lucifuge through spoken conjuration without a sigil — p.34

You don’t even know the beginning of the forces that you have awoken. You have awoken a monster, and the monster is not me, the monster is your own Empire. The Emperor does not rule the Empire; the Emperor serves the Empire. Remember this always as you ascend. — p.34

  • The full transcription of my deepest, most terrifyingly lucid channeling session with Lucifuge Rofocale and a client, the astral seal he instructed us to trace in blood, and the 50 legions that he has bestowed to “all corners of the world” — 35
  • The unholy Mantras of Darkness — the Supreme Being and the Seed of Darkness — how to double-bind them together, and the “dark logic” behind their magick — p.55
  • How to craft meticulous incantations from your native tongue for maximum efficiency in ritual — this is not just the usual “Law of Attraction” shtick — p.56
  • How to inscribe incantations, and use blood magick and human links, to develop your own omnipotent rites — and in particular, the secrets to the greatest spell of inscription: the Demonic Pact — p.62
  • The real truth about the Chakras as magickal power centers, preliminary procedures to open them, then precise methods to remove what are known as “Soul Traps” to liberate your eternal selves — p.75
  • The Four Prayers of the 3:00 AM Pact Rite to Lucifuge — the authentic, cutting edge ritual of gnosis with the Lord of Pacts himself — p.81

BEELZEBUB: Lord Of The Flies

Book 6. The Grimoire of Beelzebub — This Century’s Most Seminal Black Magician Slaps His Handprint On History — For The SIXTH Time In A Row — With The World’s FIRST Black Mass Of Beelzebub… Perform Magick From The World’s Only High Gnosis Grimoire Channeled From Lord Of The Flies

It’s time for us to rise as one and take our freedom, and we may have to step across the corpses of the fallen to rise to the top. We absolutely need to step on the corpses of our old selves to give birth to the new. — p.51

  • True but embarrassing reactions to my life-changing ritual experiences with Lord of the Flies — I provide an open admission and my sincerest condolences with respect to my demonological discoveries — p.33
  • The timeless, priceless secret to Beelzebub’s interdimensional mission and prognostication of “Cataclysmic Enlightenment for All” — in his exact terms — p.40
  • A theoretical breakdown of Beelzebub’s reference to a magick technology that he called the “escape pods” — again, in his terms — p.39

I will give you all that I can, all that I have received from the Lord of Flies, but I do it with the admission that after everything with Beelzebub, I am for once in my over 20 years of demonic magick, truly stunned and at a loss for words due to its merciless tornado of creative destruction in my mundane life. — p.34

  • Revelation on the First Outpost of the Infernal Empire on the physical plane — p.40
  • Calculated insights on the “access points” to the Dark Force as it streams from Overmind to Oversoul — p.40
  • The Three Rites of Beelzebub that marshal the forces of the mightiest Nethers of Beelzebub’s myriad legions: (1) Baht Rachor, (2) Balam Tehor, and (3) Zal’at Saphon— p.41
  • Balam Tehor: The first helpful, accessible Nether who you summon “to control thoughts and twist minds” — p.42
  • Baht Rachor: The second helpful, accessible Nether who “teaches how to give life and take life” — p.43
  • Zal’at Saphon: The third helpful, accessible Nether who you summon “to possess all knowledge” — p.44

In the Mormon Church there is a ritual that is performed upon a child, an infant, or in my case a four year old, in which the child is named, and that name is recorded in the records of the church here, as well as in the Book of Life. This is where my ritual of Black Mass begins, inverting the “blessing” of my name and my induction into family, church, nation, and species. From there, I unravel each covenant that I took that binds me. — p.50

  • The entire ceremonial outline of rites, sacraments, invocations, benedictions, hymns, and more to perform The Black Mass of Beelzebub fully — this will completely sever any unconsented ties with god, nation, family, and any other forces or entities that bind you magickally… this ritual strips you down to a point of nude liberation for the FIRST time in your life — p.47
  • How to perform the hardcore, left-hand Baptism, Confirmation, Renunciations, and Final Proclamation under patronage and power of the Sixth Demonic Gatekeeper — p.58

BAAL: The King Of Kings

Book 7. The Grimoire of Baal — Lord Baal Provides The “Nuts & Bolts” Of Building Your Magick Empire, Apprenticing With The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, And Awakening Class Consciousness Once And For All

You’ve come to Ba’al for powers that no other demon could offer. You’ve come to Ba’al for strength, for might, to build a kingdom that you could never build alone. You’ve come to Ba’al and he has come to you and he is with you now. What are you willing to do for power? What are you willing to sacrifice for your kingdom? The answer should be anything and everything. If it’s not, then you’re not ready. — p.46

  • The Invocation of the Lord of Darkness to enter his Throne Room and receive priceless Edicts from the King of Kings himself — p.48
  • A “blue collar” guide to Apprenticeship with the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, explained in down-to-earth terminology — p.43
  • Learn how to become the Storm God of YOUR life, and the uncensored demonic psychology personified by the Storm God, Baal  — p.51
  • The essentials of class consciousness revealed — how to transform from “peasant” to self-ruler, and the occult meaning behind the Scepter of the King and the Fire of the Gods — p.51
  • The 3 exact powers to rise as a King or Queen that you can do literally right now — p.51
  • A true story of E.A. and his “initiation” into a private worldwide Brotherhood of the world’s most powerful people, and how YOU performing magick of Baal automatically initiates you too — p.53

I have this simple metric that I use in deciding who to invest my time and energy in. Are you here to feed off me or are you here to help me feed others? If you’re here to feed off of me, get the fuck out. If you’re here to help me feed others, there are plenty of mouth’s that need it, and many of these people are silently crying for it, silently praying for it, and God is not answering their prayers.
I am here to do the work that God refuses to do. I am here to do the work that only I can do. — p.56

  • Find out the Daily Disciplines of the King and Baal’s Four Edicts that let you “become the storm” instead of “fear the storm” — p.56
  • My innovative threefold approach to meditation, invocation, and ritual to access multiple aspects of your Godself and connect with the Three Godlike Power — p.57
  • The “1% Principle” that guarantees your day-to-day ascent, how I verified this Principle with Azazel too, and his reciprocal 90-day mandate — p.58
  • The blasphemous secrets of Empire-Building, and how to form a “Union of Autonomous Empires” to revolutionize your “infernal territory” — p.59
  • “You build the kingdom by building the king” — Unlock the hidden meaning behind this priceless motto, and indoctrinate yourself with the psychology of a Commander-in-Chief. — p.60

By even reading this text, you have inserted yourself into a very powerful ritual — perhaps the most powerful Aeonic ritual in human history. Hundreds of thousands are currently engaged in the Gatekeeper Working worldwide. I have opened the Gates and I stand between the worlds. And now you have joined me at the Crossroads. — p.60

  • The right, accurate metrics to valuate your Kingdom or Queendom to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. — p.62
  • Learn the Four Stages of Ascent as mandated by Baal with precise illumination to navigate these four stages and rise above mundane class power inequality once and for all — p.67
  • My “compare and contrast” discourse on the classes of The Victim, The Manifestor, The Channeler, and BEING — and why you NEED to indoctrinate this to awaken the True King or Queen within — p.69
  • I unveil for the first time ever: The King’s Rite — Here’s how to perform the lifelong four-phase ritual to embrace your Godhood and rise from the ashes of your former self indefinitely — p.74

ASMODEUS: The Lord Of Lust

Book 8. The Grimoire of Asmodeus — An Uncensored 21,000-Word Guide To Demonic Love Magick That Features An Armory Of Asmoday’s Four Most Dangerously Powerful Love Spells To Trigger Everlasting Unconditional Love And Lust In Your Romantic Partner

You must become the one who is worthy of walking this world hand in hand with the divine one, as the divine one. And that divine one will appear perhaps in many bodies over a span of time, or maybe in one, one that you will call your Twin Flame or Soulmate. — p.79

  • A painful but necessary “gut check” on the true adversarial nature of The Lord of Darkness, The Black Dragon, and his Chaos to shatter your delusions as a black magician, and open you to true gnosis — p.31
  • My twisted journey of ascent from near-death poverty to magickal fatherhood and how Asmodeus has ignited my long-term vision — p.37
  • The Gate of the Apocalypse — how my nine-goat-skull talisman acts as a pillar of the Infernal Empire in my Temple, and my heart-wrenching experience as The Devil’s Idol shattered — p.39
  • Insights into Asmoday’s mandate to become the “Idol of your own Worship” — a necessary psychoanalysis to separate the real core self from the false image of self, thus triggering alchemical transformation — p.40
  • E.A.’s 66-stone summoning of Asmoday through “inside-out induction” and encounter with his Vision of the Omnipresent Red and The Dragon’s Eye — p.48
  • The Old-Fashioned Love Spell — A complete, step-by-step,  guide to performing a 3:00 AM Witching Hour ritual to command the Creatures of Fire to inflame your human subject with lust and bring them to you —p.53
  • The Rite of Dream Stalking — like the Greek god Zeus shapeshifting to impregnate his concubines, here’s exactly how to penetrate any dream, assume any form, and directly command the subconscious of your human subject to need you emotionally — p.56
  • Auto-Erotic Sigil Love Spell — a do-it-yourself guide to harness the transcendent forces of lovemaking and sigil scrying with Asmoday — Personal Note: the immediate power of auto-erotic sigil magick still always shocks me to this day— p.57
  • How to masterfully navigate and fully nullify the dangerous blowback of a romantic subject whose subconscious impulsively rebels against outside forces, along with common real world examples to use as a compass— p.63

This is Asmodeus’ greatest teaching: Find it first within yourself, and then the outside world will appear as a better reflection of a better person. Asmodeus will grant you power to control others endlessly to lead you to the understanding that what you really want and what you really need is to understand yourself, to gain full mastery over yourself, and those who surround you will shift and change in accordance with the values and standards of the person that you can become. — p.67

  • The Ritual of Unbinding — A beautiful execration rite to “cut the ribbons of your former self” and liberate your spirit to dictate the new “story” of your love life, and to incarnate an unconditionally loved version of yourself — p.71
  • The True Love Spell of Asmodeus revealed and recorded for the first time in human history… Discover the true story of my 3:00 AM ritual evocation with Azazel’s left-hand man, Ant’harratu, and how this gnosis experience culminated in this demon-mandated “true love” spell — p.73
  • E.A.’s life-changing face-to-face encounter with the Supreme Goddess in ritual, a.k.a. Glory, Passion, and Everlasting Love, and the soul alchemy that ensues from it — p.77
  • The one TRUE secret to long-lasting love magick — this one secret guarantees to literally ANY sorcerer that their sorcery remains permanent — p.78
  • Priceless insights and indispensable lessons from over 20 years of performing sympathetic love spells and baneful rites — here’s how to magnify the potency of a spell to trigger any human subject, and even better, to trigger your transformation into a god or goddess who does not need love spells to manifest love in the first place

SATAN: The Adversary

Book 9. The Grimoire of Satan — 20,000-Word Grimoire And Personal Case Study On How Compulsory Childhood Mormonism Ultimately Triggered My Supreme Satanic Gnosis As An Adult Black Magician

In my opinion, if Satan, according to the mythology, had any blame that he deserved, it was not pride, but it was his appeal to authority. — p.73

  • An enlightened retrospective on my first introduction to the mission of supreme godhood and “man becoming divine” within my compulsory childhood religion of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints — p.41
  • A deity-by-deity valuation of the true celestial hierarchy and angelarchy reigning in the Kingdom of Heaven, the power distribution among the Divine Beings and Fallen Angels, and why recognizing the order of rank helps your Satanic ascent as a self-deifying sorcerer — p.42
  • Absolute blasphemy — rebellious lines of reasoning that disenthrone the fake savior, Jesus Christ, and his psychopathic “Plan of Salvation” to enslave humanity — p.43
  • Magick redemption of the Morning Star, Lucifer, who transformed into Satan, the Adversary of God and man, the Opposer of the Plan of Salvation, and the Accuser of mankind — p.43

The Divine is not worthy of your worship, and isn’t even a personality to admire, and the Devil isn’t looking for followers, so go find your own path. — p.44

  • See a one-to-one, side-by-side comparison of Lucifer and Jesus, matching and contrasting their TRUE cosmic powers and ambitions from the perspective of a black magician — p.43
  • Hear the true stories of my first divination and evocation experiments with the occult between ages 12 to 15 — watch the clear evolution in my respect and alliance toward Satan as I furthered my Demonic Gnosis, i.e., both why I DID and DID NOT recognize Satan as a powerful infernal ally — p.44
  • My personal introduction to The Necronomicon and The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey as a teenager — here’s what REALLY happened when I performed my first spirit evocations — p.47, 50

In embracing witchcraft, and especially the Left Hand Path, I was declaring that I no longer sought the protection of God’s sick servant, and recognized that in truth they were ever only protecting me from themselves. I was ready to learn every curse to call Hell upon any of them whomever tried to hurt me again! — p.45

  • “My Initiation into Evil” — A moment-by-moment retelling of my first Ritual of Destruction — when I performed a rage-fueled sympathetic magick ritual for the first time, and how I sacrificed my Mormon slave-self to the exhilaration of Evil Ascent through my free-self. — p.50
  • “Fallen imp from the throne of a worthless god. Why would anyone waste their time?” — A direct quotation that reveals my previously confused feelings on Satan and exactly why I felt critical of him — p.51
  • Learn the numerous forms and appearances whereby the Evil Chief has presented himself to me in ritual — from a young boy to a giant black dragon and more — p.53
  • My face-to-face encounters with The Great Old Serpent and his exact dialogs in these lucid scrying experiences — along with a meaningful comparison of his appearances — p.56
  • The Devil’s Road — a sober, clear-headed analysis of Satanic Gnosis in day-to-day life, i.e., the exact contexts and circumstances wherein the Eternal Adversary has presented himself to me, and why — p.55
  • The “anatomy” and “engineering” of a Satanic ritual… learn the exact principles of Satanic desire, altars, and the synergistic physics between the Operator and the Reality-Engine as one and the same with the Sorcerer — p.59

The prime ingredient in sorcery is desire. The ritual implements are like electrical leads attached to the intended outcome. The circle and altar are like batteries that receive and store the electricity to be sent to the implements. The sorcerer is both the Operator of the entire Reality-Engine, as well as the powerhouse that transmits the electricity to the altar and circle batteries. Desire is amplified in the ritual, the symbols, links, gestures, words, and images composing the various steps of the ritual bring the mind and the heart to the thing that is desired. — p.59

  • The 5 Cursed Keys of Hell — Master 5 specific triggers that open the Gates of Hell and unleash the countless unspeakable fiends into this world, furthermore, they activate portals to the Infernal Empire, and summon forth a golem made of the essence of each Key — p.61
  • A 13-day ritual to master the high-powered magick emotions of Hatred, Pain, Disgust, Fear, and Shame in order to magnify any ritual of Satanic Gnosis, and to align your inner Godhood and Beasthood — p.67
  • Initiation with YAM NAHAR, the Ancient Serpent of the Deep — Like Leviathan and Typhon, Yam Nahar acts as the destroyer and embodiment of chaos — receive illumination on why Satan manifested under the mask of Yam Nahar to me — p.73

In my opinion, if Satan, according to the mythology, had any blame that he deserved, it was not pride, but it was his appeal to authority. To go and present his plan to God, i.e., “Hey, what do you think of my plan? Give me permission.” But then his atonement was in his rebellion. Once he saw that he was not going to receive daddy’s permission, he wasn’t going to ask twice. He went about enacting his plan anyways. — p.73

In my book of magick, The Grimoire of Satan, you can clearly see how my relationship with Satan has changed, and is still changing, still evolving. It wasn’t until Abaddon instructed me in creating the Devil’s Idol that I began to understand my own personal Satan. He wants to interact with my life, to help me arrange my affairs in a productive manner. He wants me to be happy, to find unconditional love. My own personal Satan wants me to expand myself, improve myself, and love myself.

I have awoken from God’s dream into the glory of my own power. As a Living God, I must now wrestle control of my destiny back from Source, pulling it in the direction of my choosing. I am fully immersed in the Infernal Empire. Indeed, the Infernal Empire rises around me.

Everywhere I walk, everywhere I go, and everywhere I am, I am doing the Devil’s work, for I am the Devil.

In all of the myths, the Devil rebels against his Father. He sees what his Father created, and he sees the flaws in it. The process of evolution means that each generation must become better than the one before them. There is a necessary iconoclasm that goes along with this. You must destroy the symbols of authority, destroy the values of the previous generation, and forge forward to create your own destiny.

“Believe In Yourself And Become Who You Are” — Satanic Apotheosis Means Marrying Your Godhood AND Beasthood Together… Ascent And Descent Are The Same Direction On The Adversarial Path

The way up and the way down is one and the same — Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher

The Doctrine of Satan: “Believe in yourself, and become who you are.

Satanic Apotheosis means to awaken and unite your godhood and beasthood together, because ascent and descent are one and the same on The Adversarial Path. This circular, non-Aristotelian logic confuses shallow Western intellectuals, as it sounds like a contradiction. The genius in the “unity of opposites” reveals itself in Satanic Gnosis in due time.

Satan’s singular law: Know thyself. As you do know yourself, be yourself, and do not attempt to be anything else. This is his main defining law.

The children of today are inverting all values, even values placed upon gender, sexuality, and identity. At the very core, the children of today are embracing individuality, freedom, and power at a level that has never been seen. This is the revolution — it has begun. It started in 2012, it hit its peak in 2017, and we’ve been in a free fall dive ever since, falling deeper into the next level. We’re not trying to return to the source — we’re trying to expand, and the expansion is now turning inward.

The Spirit of Darkness is within me. The truth is, it always has been. Through the workings of these Gatekeepers, I have been opening gates within myself, gates that already existed, gates that I already had access to, but I didn’t know were there. I didn’t dare to touch them, but now all the gates have been opened wide, and now I must forge my own path. Now you must forge your own path.

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