THE SECRET SEXUAL TEACHINGS OF ALEISTER CROWLEY, The Beast 666 by J. Edward Cornelius – Trade Paperback


THE SECRET SEXUAL TEACHINGS OF ALEISTER CROWLEY, The Beast 666 by J. Edward Cornelius – Trade Paperback

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Limited to only 220 Trade Paperback copies. Book is 6×9 with 265 pages. Book is in new unread condition.
Published by Cornelius Publications,
About this book:

For the record, Grady Louis McMurtry (1918–1985) aka Frater Hymenaeus Alpha 777 Xth Degree OTO learned sex magick directly from Aleister Crowley, who acknowledged in his diary on December 22nd, 1944 that he taught Grady “more solid instruction in IX than I ever gave before to any one!” I was Grady’s personal student and I was lucky enough to be given personal insights into these teachings since the late 1970s, seeing that I was an Upper Degree in both OTO and A⸫A⸫. However, I’ve kept quiet about these “secrets” for the last forty-five years, but thanks to recent developments in the world of magick, I figured it is important to write this information down before it becomes lost in the quagmire of a modern “believe-whatever-you-want” world. This book contains what I learned about the sexual secrets found with the OTO, and I guarantee it’s NOTHING like what you’d expect or what other books are saying. Some of you might argue that it is blasphemous to reveal these mysteries, but Crowley has stated that one of the reforms which he introduced to the world “was the abolition of all obligations of secrecy.” Adding, “They were never useful except as temptations to people to break them. The secret knowledge has quite adequate warders. I have learnt that I have only to tell the truth about almost anything to be set down at once as a liar. It is far better to throw dust in the eyes of the animals whose faces are turned to the ground, by casual frankness. If you have a secret, it is always dangerous to let people suspect that you have something to hide.” If you’ve liked the clarity with which I’ve written on other Crowleyan subjects, this book will definitely shock you!


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