THE SERPENT IKONS by Helena van El – SIGNED Limited Edition Hardcover Edition with Oversized Tarot Deck

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THE SERPENT IKONS by Helena van El – SIGNED Limited Edition Hardcover Edition with Oversized Tarot Deck

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Hardcover Edition (Limited to 892 copies — 2022): 5.25 x 8.5 inches. 208 pages. Hardbound 90pts, bound in Iris ‘Grape’ fine bookcloth. Gold foil blocking on rounded spine and on the cover + Blind Deboss details on the backcover. Colour interior, with Apple-Red with Marble ‘Oracle Antique’ Endpapers. White Headbands. Fully Illustrated by Shandi/Azk Bouscatier (of AZK Talismanic Jewelry). Fine typography, printed on Husky White/Smooth 160M archive-quality paper. Comes with a carton-plate insert glued on the interior, individually hand-numbered, and signed by the Author & Artist.
*Comes with a Deck of 35 full-colour custom-sized cards (3.16″ X 7.10″), printed on thick 16pt carton with Scuff-Free Lamination, in a custom-made Tuck-Box.

The Serpent Ikons:
A Sorcerous Distortion of the Tarot de Marseille Major Arcana

By author Helena van El & artist Shandi/AzK Bouscatier.

A lavish Hardcover Book + Custom (Oversized) Tarot Card Deck production featuring a wonderful Foreword by none other than prominent occult writer Gary Lachman!

The Serpent Ikons is a card deck, philosophical commentary, and grimoire; combining at the very heart of its creation primal art, writing, and magickal practice. Forged in the fire of passion for the Mysteries, the Serpent Ikons are an oblation to the Self and its Daemon in the most sacred of experiences – one’s Life as a deliberate, Initiatory journey fashioned by the creativity and will of the magician.

The Serpent Ikons have their roots in the revolt against any religious authority imposing a singular and unilateral relationship with spiritual forces. They embrace the Witch’s way; that torturous path that defies dogma and distorts order. In The Serpent Ikons, the major arcana of the Tarot de Marseille have been subverted to act as a transgression of the Tarot tradition: the Operant needs only the Self for guidance, and prognostications are consciously chosen then brought into being through ritual with one’s Daemon.

Together artist Shandi/Azk Bouscatier and author Helena van El have woven a spell of stunning visuals, deep contemplation, and profound magickal practice; and together they invite you to the intimate world of The Serpent Ikons.



Foreword: A Wicked Pack of Cards, by Gary Lachman


Part I
i. The Serpent Ikons – The Vision
ii. The Serpent Ikons – The Royal Path
Part II
The Serpent Ikons – Wielding the Inner World
Part III
Grimoire Space – Rituals
Part IV
Divinatory Speech – Spreads and Questions


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