THE WEIRD OF HALI: KINGSPORT by John Michael Greer (Limited Edition Hardcover)


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One of only 300 signed and hand numbered hardcover copies.  Each copy will be custom and signed by the author and strictly limited to only 500 hand numbered copies. 
This is volume two in THE WEIRD OF HALI trilogy
As The Old Gods Awaken…
Like other students at Miskatonic University, Jenny Parrish worries mostly about passing her finals and getting a graduate assistantship. Then an unexpected letter arrives from her great-aunt Sylvia, inviting her to spend the holidays and celebrate a mysterious Festival at the family mansion in the old port city of Kingsport, where Jenny has never been — the home her mother fled at the age of eighteen, never to return.  Once she reaches the ancient mansion, Jenny finds herself in the midst of a tangled web of archaic secrets, eldritch lore, and hidden struggles that pit the servants of the Great Old Ones, the ancient gods and goddesses of Earth, against a terrifying and relentless foe. At the center of the web stands the treasure Jenny’s family has guarded for centuries, a talisman of supreme power forged in the lost land of Hyperborea: the Ring of Eibon. But the Ring is lost–and the quest to find it and keep it out of the hands of the enemies of the Great Old Ones will send Jenny on a journey beyond the borders of the world to dread Carcosa, the city of the King in Yellow…

1 review for THE WEIRD OF HALI: KINGSPORT by John Michael Greer (Limited Edition Hardcover)

  1. Kyle Clayton (verified owner)

    I’ll put the bottomline at the top: if you enjoyed Innsmouth, Kingsport will not disappoint.

    We’re following Jenny Parrish, the housemate of Innsmouth protagonist Owen Merrill, as she becomes increasingly entwined in the same interplay of forces that swept up Owen in the first book. The biggest contrast between the two books is that Innsmouth racked up a lot more mileage on the odometer, and had more pitched action. Kingsport takes place mostly in the sprawling mansion of the Chaudronnier family–think densely layered mysteries in a strange old house populated by a cast of characters whose intentions and allegiances unfold over the course of the novel. Of course, all of the great weird tales themes and fantasy elements from the first novel makes their appearances, with the addition of a few powerful new forces.

    The satisfying common thread between the first two novels is how the author takes a style of story that seems so familiar, but turns it on its head just often enough (via the fantasy side) that it feels like a brand new, very old genre. There is so much good stuff going on here that I don’t know how it’ll be wrapped up in ONLY the seven books that have been mentioned. At any rate, I’m eager for the third one to be released.

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