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ÞURSAKYNGI (THURSAKYNGI) – Volume III: Gullveigarbók by Ekortu – Limited Edition Hardcover


ÞURSAKYNGI (THURSAKYNGI) – Volume III: Gullveigarbók by Ekortu – Limited Edition Hardcover

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Limited edition hardcover of 550 copies: Hardcover book bound in black leatherette, cover stamped
with golden bind-rune Ísarn, black endpapers, 2nd edition. Fully illustrated with Thursian illustrations.
371 pages including a fold-out map of Heldrasill, the underworld.


ÞURSAKYNGI – Volume III – Gullveigarbók by Ekortu

She is known as the black underworldly crone and giantess of the black anti-cosmic runes and magic, who comes at midnight up from under the ground and walks between houses to visit the practitioners of the black arts (or fjölkunnigr, as they were called), to teach them about the black runes and anti-cosmic magic. She is known as first wife, or mistress of Loki. Her names are many, amongst which the most well-known ones are Gullveig, Heiðr, Aurboða, Angrboða and Hyrrokin.

She was looked upon as an evil woman, “illr kona”, and the mother of all trolls, “flagð”, troll being the Old Norse term for malignant and bestial demons, viewed upon as a thurs-kin, which are often dwellers of the forests, mountains and the underworld.

Gullveig is a mother-giantess, since she procreated most of the hordes of monsters and wolf-thurses, all of which will gather, fight and triumph during the final day of wrath – Ragna Rök.

Her most important ragnarokian children with Loki are Jörmungandr, Fenrir, and Hel. Not only is she a mother-giantess: under the name Heiðr, “the shining one”, she is also the witch goddess, the wielder of the blackest might. She was the brightness crawling out of the abyss and taking form, up through endless darkness, and slithering through the cracking boundries of middle earth. Bright as a shadowless light she came, erect like a burning beam of darksome light she stood, and went forth to those she found receptive for her Wisdom, to instruct them on the unknown and dark arts of the underworlds and beyond. She is the inventor of black magic and runes – the craft and cunning to seduce giants, humans and gods to gain her end.

The book explores Gullveig through Old Norse mythology, sagas, Witchcraft & Poetry, which also includes descriptions of related giants and underworldly locations connected to her, such as: Loki, Jørmungandr, Fenrir, Hel; Jøtunheimr, Helheimr, Niflheimr, and much more.

The Gullveigarbók gives the student a wide overview, explaining the darker side of Norse mythology as a whole, making it a an important work for readers searching for knowledge concerning this before seldom explored aspect of Northern Spirituality.

The latter part of the Gullveigarbók book is called Fjølkyngi, witchcraft, and holds the esoteric aspects and praxis of the author’s own witchcraft as connected to the Thursatru Tradition – Þursatrú siðr – and divulges aspects of the author’s magical Gullveig workings. This part of the book also introduces students to how the Gullveig sigils, or bindrunes are to be employed.

The book ends with a collection of invocatory and consecratory poetry composed by the author while being inspired by the Spirits as result of his Seta (ecstatic trance work).

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