VERSE VERSES NOTHING by Pan (Limited Edition Hardcover)


VERSE VERSES NOTHING by Pan (Limited Edition Hardcover)

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Book is limited to only 31 copies of which only 27 were for sale. Book is in fine unread condition.

Published by Hadean Press

From the publisher:

In this book lies the twenty-year journey recorded by the author and enumerated by way of the English Qaballa — an initiatic journey revealed in such personal detail and yet so creatively that one can’t help but appreciate it for what it is. These are the annals of transformation. The book opens brilliantly with a simple Thelemic statement: 0=2. The text itself is an intimate insight into the Ordeal 0, an ordeal rarely described in print. A print of Pan’s Baphomet graces the cover as no other image matches the text so perfectly as that. It is all in one, the sacred double, the nothing of OHM.


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