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Miskatonic Books Newsletter #16

We have an exciting new publication from one of our favorite occult publishers FALL OF MAN

Bhairava-Kali-Dharma: Manifestations of Tantra by Adinath Jayadhar and Siddheshwari Jayadhar – Deluxe Edition Hardcover Bound in Red Italian Silk and Black Corvon Zenzo Rivet with Custom Traycase- Import

Matrika Edition: Limited to 60 hand-numbered copies, this is a deluxe edition with covers bound in red Italian silk with gold foil block to front and back, and the spine bound in black Corvon Senzo Rivet cloth. As per usual, the spine will be hand-sewn, and we will be using a thick, cream-colored paper for the pages. Each copy will come inside a hard box-case, bound in black Corvon Senzo Rivet cloth and stamped in gold foil with the Mahajayakali mandala.

From the publisher:

After the successful Abhichara: Tantric Magic & Mysticism, Adinath Jayadhar and Siddheshwari Jayadhar are back with a new title that dares to go deeper than anyone has gone before in the subject of Tantra. Bhairava-Kali-Dharma: Manifestations of Tantra is an encyclopedic tome about the radically transforming tradition of mysticism and magic of the god Bhairava and the goddess Kali. The book gives an all-embracing overview of this tradition at multiple levels, making it easier for its readers to develop a proper understanding. This work brings them closer to success in practicing the mystical and magical path of Kali and Bhairava and passes the energy of the deities onto those who read it. The book will give a better grasp into what Adinath Jayadhar and Siddheshwari Jayadhar discussed in Abhichara: Tantric Magic & Mysticism, deepening into the rituals and practices of this ancient tradition, while attempting to reconcile it with life in the modern world.


Bhairava-Kali-Dharma: Manifestations of Tantra by Adinath Jayadhar and Siddheshwari Jayadhar – Limited Edition Hardcover – Import

Limited to 300 copies, with covers bound in red shimmering cloth and the Mahajayakali mandala in gold foil in the front. Hand-sewn spines, cream, thick paper for the pages and black end-papers.  Specifications: Octavo size (148 x 210 mm.), 120g voluminous two side-coated cream color paper with 140 g. black end-papers. 445 pages. Hand-sewn spine with book ribbon.  Book is in new unread condition.

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Devilish Deals #10


We are having a huge moving sale at Miskatonic Books. We will be moving to Montana in early November and as a way to lighten the load and to extend some great discounts to our customers nearly everything in stock is now on SALE!
You can browse our entire inventory here:
All books are on a first come first serve basis and many are in slow supply.
Thanks so much for your continued support for our independent bookstore and publishing. You guys ROCK!!!
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Just in and shipping at Miskatonic Books 7/24/2020

In stock and shipping.

Book below are now in stock and shipping and will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Many books we sell are rare, limited and hard to find titles and may sell out quickly.

Click on the picture to get availability and ordering information.


THE KEY OF ZEV BEN AVRAM by Zev ben Avram – Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition Ceremonial Edition – Import

This deluxe hardcover edition is limited to 72 hand-numbered copies, handbound in black French Morocco and with marbled end-papers. Specifications: Octavo format (148 x 210 mm), 130 g. voluminous two side-coated paper with 140 g. marbled end-papers. Hand-bound in leather, hand-sewn spine with a ribbon bookmark. 184 pages. Book is in new unread condition.

Ceremonial magic is by its nature an art defined by mysticism and mystery, which is to say, by obfuscation. This is doubly true of goetia, with its frightening demonic drama and its grandiose claims. The impenetrable allegories, the coy vagueness, the secrets and initiations, the smoke-and-mirrors… These things are integral to the sorcery, they are part of what makes it work, and so they cannot be lightly tossed aside to assuage a skeptical public. All sorcerers are liars, and there is good reason for it.


THE KEY OF ZEV BEN AVRAM by Zev ben Avram – Limited Edition Hardcover – Import

Hardcover edition limited to 300 copies. The book is bound in dark brown cloth with black end-papers, hand-sewn spine and ribbon. The covers are printed with gold foil with the book’s title and logo. Specifications: 185 pages, 120 g. cream paper, Octavo format (148×210 mm), 140 g. black endpapers. Hand-sewn spine, bound in cloth and with a ribbon bookmark. 184 pages. Book is in new unread condition.


VIA NOCTURNA: The Nightside Transmissions by Edgar Kerval – Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition Hardcover With CD and Wood Altar Sigil – Import

One of only 22 hand numbered leather bound copies copies with CD and wood altar sigil. 104 pages with illustrations. Book is in new unread condition.

Published by Sirius Limited Esoterica

By the powers of the rites of the path of the night, The Sinister adept finds the essence of the secret arcane of the night, walking through the astral corridors of via nocturna. An explorative grimoire focusing diverse path workings connected within the twisted path of the night and its manifestations. Through each gate open, the powers of the arcane of the night emerge as incarnated backward paths, engraving the primal man’s divinity through dreaming portals and astral sacred seals.


VIA NOCTURNA: The Nightside Transmissions by Edgar Kerval – Limited Edition Hardcover With CD – Import

One of only 55 hand numbered copies with CD. 104 pages with illustrations. Book is in new unread condition.

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Myrkþursablót: Nightside of the Old Norse Mythology, Expanded and Revised (Deluxe Limited Edition Bound in Ash Wood and Leather)

Hangaguð edition: Limited to 90 copies, this is a very special and unique piece of art, completely handcrafted from the moment the pages left the mechanical press. The leather spines are hand-sewn, and the covers are made of Ash wood, carefully crafted and prepared in an artisanal way in order to preserve its natural color and texture, and carved in the front with the Ginnfaxi bindrune.

Specifications: 135 pages, 135 g. cream color paper. Octodecimo size (110×180 mm), hard Ash wood cover with hand-sewn leather spine and cream color paper with red end-papers. 5 full-page illustrations and several other runes, bindrunes and photographies. 90 numbered copies.

Click picture for ordering information

After becoming the fastest selling Fall of Man Press title, Myrkþursablót: Nightside of The Old Norse Mythology is receiving a second extended and revised edition. With over 6,000 new words, as well as many new bindrunes and images (including new Serpent Soul Art work!), this new edition deepens into the mysteries of the Old Norse religion, and the duality contained in all of us that leads us to the Ginnungagap.

As a special feature to the second printing of Myrkþursablót: Nightside of The Old Norse Mythology, a download will be provided to obtain a newly composed soundtrack to accompany the text provided within the book. Spanning an hour long, this ambient piece, composed by author and musician Niðafjöll, will provide an atmosphere to further guide the reader into the world of Myrkþursablót as the energies within the text become more present.

Known by many names, the nightside of the Norse-Germanic spiritual path is a self-directed journey towards initiation into the secrets as embodied by the runes, transiting towards the harmonious silence of the void before creation was formed through the collision of fire and ice (the union of opposites to create the moving universe we as living creatures experience). In initiatory and devoted practice revering forces such as the þursar, the student seeks to initiate his or herself into the black arts of northern antiquity and meld into the eternal silence of Ginnungagap, shaking the chains of existence within the nine worlds. There are many parallels one could draw from other Left-Hand Path traditions to this one, such as the karmic cycle in the Puranic tradition. This system is designed to be an initiatory path using the rune rows and the shamanic gateways they represent, so that one may make a personal exit from this universe ruled by the poles of duality.

Myrkþursablót, or Dark Þursian Worship, is a look into the primordial gateway to learn its ethereal secrets of fire and ice in order to unchain one’s spirit from the restraints of the mortal world. A journey through the untamed wilderness of darkness as one wades through treacherous tests of inner conflict, as the spirit fights to unleash itself from the prison of flesh, and ascend into the true light to obtain the secrets of the runes from the oldest beings. The keepers of all hidden wisdom, knowledge, secrets and magic. The Þurs.

The dark tradition of Norse spirituality does not place acknowledgment on the Æsir as keepers of the truth, but instead on the Þursar, the oldest beings. It is through them that the hidden secrets of the runes and the ancient wisdom is obtained. They are not to be seen as gods, but as teachers the adept wishes to commune with in order to garner knowledge for their own use. They are the sons and daughters of Aurgelmir, who was born from the infinite void before time was time.

Throughout the pages of Myrkþursablót: Nightside of The Old Norse Mythology the authors introduce us to the dark world of the Þurs, analyzing their attributes and characteristics so that the reader may benefit from a deeper understanding of these primordial forces. It is through this understanding that the reader may make proper use of the runes and sigils presented and described in this book, with the ultimate goal of reaching true illumination.