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Thai Occult 2 Giveaway


This contest has ended. The results of the poll and winner have been announced in the comments section below. Thank you to everyone who took part!

We are running a new giveaway for one lucky winner for the newly released Thai Occult 2. Even if you have already purchased your copy, you’ll want to enter as if you are drawn as the winner, your purchase will be fully credited back to you! In order to be in the running for this giveaway, contestants much answer a simple question (who is your favorite publisher?) which is worth one entry into the random drawing.

Contestants can triple their chances (by getting 2 additional entries) by commenting (below, in this post) on who they chose and why.

Entries will be taken until 11:59PM EST on 10/19/23.

Steps to enter:

  1. Login to the giveaway below and confirm your e-mail.
  2. Come back to this page and answer the question.
  3. For bonus entries, comment in this post below regarding who you chose and why. (Note: you will need to login with your Miskatonic Books account in order to comment.
  4. Once you placed your comment, return to the giveaway section and enter the e-mail you used to post the comment.
  5. If everything is done correctly, you should see two check marks in the giveaway below under “2 ways to enter.”

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28 Responses

  1. Out of all the publishers, it’s Sirius Limited that I’ve purchased the most individual titles. Their catalog consists of a wide spectrum of intriguing titles of diverse systems and traditions. From Michael Bertiaux-related, to Witchcraft, qliphoth, qabalah, Thelemic, Norse, and eastern traditions. The proprietor Edgar Kerval is an internationally recognized and respected occult practitioner and author in his own right, bringing all this together while providing a personal level of customer service. A great example of two world-wide communities: book publishing/distribution and the occult.

  2. Really enjoy the reprint titles from University Book Inc. They have republished many out of print books from the 19th century and made them accessible for people once again.

  3. Three Hands Press appears to more commonly publish materials on topics that are not usually covered such as Sharp Practice or Veneficium which has led me to consult their books more often than others

  4. Several of the published works from Anathema are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen. The deluxe edition of the IAO is a stunning work of art that I continue to appreciate.

  5. Scarlet Imprint’s commitment to creating fine-quality books with high statured contemporary authors has deepened my treasuring for artisan publications. I am always eager to discover what new project is forthcoming.

  6. Tough choice, I was between Anathema and Scarlet, since I own more works from Anathema due to the price accessibility, I’ll have to go with them, shame they don’t deliver to my country anymore but I can still get their works via miskatonic books or cyclic law.

  7. Scarlet imprint has consistently published since 2007 profound talismans of power and wisdom. They have elevated the form of the book into pure artistry with a feverishly meticulous attention to detail, which of course is where the devil lies. Having met Peter Grey and Alkistis Dimech I can safely say that their personal presence is as sublime as their output. Energy, independence, vision.

  8. I am captivated by every publication from Scarlet Imprint I can get my hands on. The inspired writing style of Peter Grey is amazing and the collection of authors that have published through them is fantastic. Each book is a masterpiece of binding and layout. I do have to say that I also have a place in my heart for Three Hands Press and Hadean Press. Especially the little Guides to the Underworld epubs.

  9. Atramentous Press for me. The quality of their work, even at the so-called Standard level, is excellent. The books are also sturdy and feel like they are meant to last. I also highly appreciate the content within of each book I own published by them. Their general ouvre and ethos align enough with mine that anything published under their aegis is likely to get my attention even if I wouldn’t otherwise look at the topic.

  10. Scarlet Imprint is my choice: Consistently high production values, and outstanding quality of content across a range of occult and esoteric paths.

  11. I’ve always been an avid collector of occult books and though most publishers I’ve come across have been great, ixaxaar has an awesome presentation that never ceases to scratch that aesthetic itch.

  12. Atramentous Press is currently my favourite publisher. I find their books innovative on not only the content but the construction of the books themselves. Especially the deluxes! Their books are absolutely stunning!

  13. Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback! We’ll be publishing your results at the conclusion of the giveaway. Also, don’t forget if you commented on this post to make sure you get credited for the extra entries. To do this, simply visit the contest listing above, log in with the e-mail you entered (if not already) and make sure ‘Leave A Comment’ is checked and your entries equal 3, not 1.

  14. I have to go with Anathema Publishing as my current favorite, though I really enjoy most of the publishers listed. Anathema just happens to have published more titles that I’ve actually purchased. (Scarlet Imprint would be a very close second.)

  15. I have collected books from virtually all of these publishers, but I chose Theion Press because of the variety of works united by a common meta-perspective. There’s philosophy, history, religion, and magic all from a variety of paths that also resonate with the common current.

  16. I chose IXAXAAR as my favorite publisher. The quality of the material that they publish is top-notch. The Book of Sitra Achra will always be one of the books that I resonate with.

  17. Scarlet Imprint gets my vote for the range of authors, and also the range of available formats. More than once, I’ve needed some particular information in a pinch, and the digital editions have delivered. I also have immense respect for the craft and dedication of Scarlet Imprint’s founders. While it wasn’t listed as an option (or I managed to overlook it!), I would put the new Araxes Press, Thai Occult 2’s publisher, high on my list as well.

  18. I have found that Three Hands Press releases a variety of subjects that I have found enjoyable to read up on, I have found their books to be quality made and have not encountered any troublesome publishing defects in any of the books I have purchased.

  19. This is impossible to pick my favorite publisher. A top 10 would be difficult at best. So in order to answer this question I will have to define my favorite book: a beautiful, affordable (even in the deluxe), well made grimoire. Then to tip the scale, which publisher goes above and beyond in customer service even for the ordinary buyer like me? ***FALL OF MAN*** And a bonus PDF too with the deluxe!

  20. Every publishing printing company has its good and bad. My favorite of them (hard choice to pick from) is Three Hands Press due to its diversity in European and United Kingdom magickal practices of old. The only downside to that and many publishing companies is there’s no unlimited paperback editions or hardback reprints of the out of print books via all sold out. I hope that changes one day for every publishing company as some companies do have it and a ebook or pdf for purchase.

  21. Here are the official poll results from the giveaway on favorite publisher:

    Scarlet Imprint 30.2%
    Anathema Press 17.9%
    Ouroboros Press 9.4%
    Three Hands Press 9.4%
    Theion Publishing 8.5%
    Atramentous Press 7.5%
    Black Letter Press 6.6%
    IXAXAAR 5.7%
    Fall of Man 2.8%
    Black Letter Press 1.9%

    Thanks to everyone for voting! Winner of the giveaway will be announced soon!

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