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As we wind down 2023 here at Miskatonic Books, we wanted to pass along a few site updates as we’re continuing improvements on the shopping experience for our customers. Here are a few site updates and reminders on how to make the most of the unique online shopping experience at our store.

International Shipping

We’ve recently eliminated GlobalPost from options and are back to using USPS for all overseas orders. We’ve also streamlined the shipping costs for multiple items which should result in a much lower rate for most international destinations. If you’re an overseas customer, test it out and let us know in the comments below.

Review Points

A reminder that everyone can earn additional points for reviewing products you’ve purchased from us. We announced this back on September 6 that we would be crediting reviewers for posting honest reviews of the products purchased here. The response has been really good as we’ve added a new review section on our homepage to highlight new reviews. Check it out!

A few reviewers have asked how to change user names for posted reviews. Anyone with an account can log in to Miskatonic Books, go to the Account link, and choose Account Details in the left-hand side menu. There is a display name option. The direct link to that is:

Purchase Points

Make sure you have an account with Miskatonic Books before placing orders. All account holders (not guest checkouts) receive 1 point for each dollar you spend. These points are easily cashed in on your next purchase at the cart and checkout stage. We’ve seen many orders where points payments have led to paying all shipping charges and, in some cases, much more of the order total. We offer these points to give back to our loyal customers.

To keep track of your points earned, simply log in to our site, go to the Account link and choose the Points menu or go to:

Thanks for making 2023 a great year as we’ve been proud to serve so many likeminded individuals relying on us as the premier esoteric bookseller of hidden knowledge, the arcane and the enigmatic. We will continue to inform you of any site updates as we strive to improve the shopping experience for everyone. We look forward to serving you for the remainder of the year and beyond!

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