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Several website upgrades are now active. As we hit the new year, our goal at Miskatonic Books was to enhance our users’ shopping experiences. Over the past several months, we’ve implemented some improvements to make this the best shopping experience online. Here are just some of the changes that are now active.

Enhanced Categories



Now connected to the main menu, you’ll find advanced categories. The main categorization is for funneling books by subject, edition and publisher. Now readers and collectors can browse better through the in-stock inventory.

There is also a new section on the main page with selected featured categories.

New Review System

Website upgrades have also been focused on our review system. We’ve streamlined the product reviews to include upvoting and downvoting of reviews, a clearer star rating, image posting and more. Only verified buyers can leave reviews, so you must have created an account at Miskatonic Books, have purchased the product through us, and be logged in to the site before posting a review. Once you do, you will earn review points for each accepted review (see below).

Review Points

Each new accepted review will earn reviewers 50 points towards future purchases. We’ve extended our review bonus program through Q1 of 2024, so take advantage of earning points towards new book purchases by letting us know what you think of each past purchase. You can also sign up for review reminders at checkout and this will send you an e-mail 2 weeks after your order has shipped to leave a review for bonus points.

Also, we will continue showcasing customer reviews in our monthly column The Occult Review and if your review is highlighted, we will add an additional 250 points to your account!

A link to our review guidelines can be found here.



One of the favorite perks of our customers is receiving 1 point for every dollar spent at Miskatonic Books. These points turn into cash that can easily be redeemed at checkout by applying them to your cart totals. Now we’ve added a section in your account where you can track points here.

New Commenting System


One of our goals for 2024 is to connect with our community via our site, so we’ve installed a new commenting system on posts and on some pages. We encourage users to post comments on articles or ask questions. We will use these comment areas for social discussion, Q&As and for general feedback.

Please leave a feedback on thisx

You can say hello on this post by visiting the comments section. There will be times we ask for social interaction from our community when you see the green quote/feedback icon within the post. Simply click and it will open up a comment box or direct you to the comments section where you can post.


mobile pay

One of the biggest website upgrades is making our site more mobile friendly. As of this past weekend, we’ve activated both GooglePay and ApplePay as payment methods to provide customers quick and easy payment methods on the website. This is really convenient for those using mobile devices when ordering from our site. Check out those options during your next checkout experience!



There is now a page in your My Account menu which will showcase a list of items preordered. Readers can now keep track of all new items they have on preorder and get up-to-date release dates for each item.

Direct link to this page when logged in to our site is:

Product Notification List

Product Subscription List

Miskatonic Books is always adding new products to our shop as we are always looking to buy new and quality used books. When books are sold out, readers and collectors can sign up to be notified when an edition is back in stock. A sold out product page will have a notification opt-in (see below):

Stock Notify

Once you opt in to receive these notifications, there will be a list collected in your account which shows which products you have subscribed to. On this page you can also unsubscribe from being notified if you have already secured your copy.

The link to the products you’ve signed up for is on this account page.

You can now search our complete database of sold out products in the new Out of Stock Browser we’ve added. This will open up pages of books currently not available where you can then visit the product page and sign up for back in stock notifications.


For those who want to add your profile picture or avatar to reviews or comments you leave on our site, simply visit the My Account menu where you can upload your chosen photo.

Daily Alerts

Lastly a reminder that you can control whether or not you opt in to our new daily alerts news blast right on your account page. Select between the weekly newsletter, daily alerts or both.

Daily alerts are for collectors who don’t want to wait till our Wednesday newsletters to find out important new releases that may sell out quick. You can also opt-in to receiving Daily Alerts on the daily alerts tag page as well.

New Contest

We are giving away 1 copy of the new edition of Thai Occult 1 to one lucky winner drawn at random. You can earn points by commenting on this post and letting us know what you like best about the online shopping experience and upgrades or referring a friend to Miskatonic Books.

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