THE HEKATAEON by Jack Grayle – MEDEA Edition Limited Edition Hardcover with Expanded Material

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The last edition of The Hekataeon sold out in three weeks, and it has remained in high demand ever since. Due to hundreds of requests, Grayle Press is now re-issuing this popular grimoire in a formidable, altar-worthy volume that contains a complete self-initiation into the mysteries of Hekate.

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Book is published by Grayle Press and distributed by Miskatonic Books

Book Details:

  • 10 beautiful illustrations + 1 new one by artist Rowan E. Cassidy
  • Full-color photographs of ritual tools, + 3 new photographs
  • 3 new Hekatean spells by Jack Grayle
  • Over 400 pages, 8”x10”
  • Green linen cover with rounded spine and -foil stamping
  • Green ribbon bookmark and head & tail bands
  • Beautiful green and red endpapers
  • New material
  • Limited run of 1250 hand numbered copies

Published by Grayle Press

From the publisher:

The last edition of The Hekataeon sold out in three weeks, and it has remained in high demand ever since. Due to hundreds of requests, Grayle Press is now re-issuing this popular grimoire in a formidable, altar-worthy volume that contains a complete self-initiation into the mysteries of Hekate. It includes Jack Grayle’s hymns, prayers, invocations, incantations, scripts, and initiatory rites from previous editions, as well as three new, never-before-seen workings written by Jack including one for reconnecting with Hekate after a lapse in praxis, and another for creating a wand to transform the mundane to the magical.  It also contains a brand-new illustration by occult artist Rowan E. Cassidy, full-color photos (and three new ones), and a beautiful new cover design.

The Hekataeon is remarkable grimoire presenting a complete system of self-initiation into the mysteries of Hekate, the Maiden-Serpent-Wolf who stands at the crux of the crossroads of all realms and realities. As such, it presents dozens of rituals, rites, spells, songs, scripts and sorcerous workings to ally oneself with the Lady of the Crossroads herself, as well as the witch-queens of late antiquity which embody her current of chthonic magic, to include Medea, Kirke, and Pasiphae. It also contains hymns to win the blessing of goddesses and gods such as Artemis, Selene, Persephone, Apollo, Helios, Hermes and Dionysus. Within its pages are consecrations for tools of art, by invoking powerful daimons such as Kerberos, Orpheus, the Fates, the Furies, and the Greco-Egyptian underworld spirit

9 reviews for THE HEKATAEON by Jack Grayle – MEDEA Edition Limited Edition Hardcover with Expanded Material

  1. thedevilsadvocate415 (verified owner)

    The contents of the Hekataeon are truly wonderful, groundbreaking, and the new additions to the text are well written, the art is stimulating, and the work overall is a true modern mark of the advancement of magick as an art; but this rating of 3 starts is not a reflection of the actual work, but rather of the construction of the book itself. For 95 dollars, I received a book that; although having a beautiful cover and good text/image quality; the actual construction of both this edition and the previous 3rd edition leave much to be desired at the cost of 95 dollars. I’d even argue it has regressed from its already underwhelming previous edition (which sported creasing on the spine, a flimsy unraveling bookmark, and a crooked, edge-is-already-peeling sticker as a centerpiece to the cover: all upon arrival.) The cover edges on my edition are not even, as one protrudes out further then the other, and therefore slumps along the text block- of which said cover appears; truthfully if not harshly; slapped on with some glue, giving little thought for the cover’s need to hug and secure the text block. The spine wiggles, and every time I pick up the book, it makes a very loud and concerning clicking sound. The spine, as a result, is constantly getting mushed and contorted while in use. The edges of the text block leave a visible and unfortunate mark of where the machine cut the pages during its manufacturing. When open, the block is more or less splitting at a 90 degree angle, in a way that is more unsettling than it is functional. I’ve even noticed a seem or two already showing ware after only a few openings of the book. This doesn’t strike me as a tome that can take a beating, or as advertised “altar worthy” as I’m concerned for its longevity. Considering there’ve been occult hardcover books constructed far better for a price point that is at least 10, if not 20, dollars cheaper, it left me feeling rather disappointed. Again, this is not a reflection of the contents, and said contents are in-fact a big reason I’m giving this review 3 stars and not 2, or if I was callous, even a 1 in some regards. Because it’s not just about the contents, it’s also about the presentation and quality of the product itself, of which one wouldn’t be out of their mind to say this specific presentation is unacceptable at this price point. I’m also wondering that, hopefully, I may have just gotten a bad egg in the batch. Regardless, here’s hoping for better quality control on the next publication.

  2. Holy Heretic (verified owner)

    Sorry to say that like the reviewer before me (thedevilsadvocate415,) I have the same issues with the construction of this book! Very disappointed but I just ordered another copy, hoping and praying it will look better than the first.

  3. LadyChthonia7799 (verified owner)

    Unlike the other two reviews, I found my copy of Jack Grayle’s The Hekataeon to be quite sound. I could feel the Energy of this tome through the packaging. As I have made my way through this offering to new and seasoned Hekate Devotees, as well as those who are just begun their journeys with Hekate upon answering her Call, I have felt a sense of awe, reverence and inspiration with every page. I do not regret this purchase and have purchased another copy just to have as a backup. In terms of this edition being able to “take a beating”, quite honestly books (especially rare ones) are not there to take beatings. They are offerings by their authors (who are all Priest/ess/rix in their own right), to provide knowledge, guidance, and support for those whose desire to learn and gain new experiences and wisdom about deities and Magick through the practices and rituals presented within them. I have had to learn the hard way that you should treat your books well and not try to test their mettle through poor transport and storage, especially if they are rare books. I encourage anyone who is truly interested in Jack Grayle’s The Hekataeon to purchase a copy for themselves and be immersed within its fine prose, poetry, and praxis.

  4. fabianlozano (verified owner)

    The book is beautiful but the binding on mine, as others have stated, wasn’t the best. Mine is actually slightly sticky. It’s not a dealbreaker but it is inconvenient. Regardless, this is definitely a must have for anyone interested in working with Hekate.

  5. Metal (verified owner)

    What joy to see this wonderful gift at my doorstep as I returned from running errands. First thing upon holding the tome in my hands is the energy it gives off, Hekate’s wonderful energy. My copy came with no issues in terms of its binding or construction. The Hekataeon by Jack Grayle will be placed on my Hekate altar with love, respect and gratitude. Thank you.

  6. Nicole Liotti (verified owner)

    Beautifully illustrated. Historical mythology is also is the text along with readers interested in rites . Book seems to be well made . Good pages and cover .

  7. Rednamyp (verified owner)

    The Hekataeon as a grimoire (content wise) will be one of those books that will age gracefully in the coming centuries, A truly invaluable piece of work.

    The physical construction of the book however is extremely disappointing. The top left on the front cover and top right on the back of the cover of my book near the spine are smashed, the corners of the covers are dented to point inwards and the cloth on the underside is just poorly attached with visible machine dents. The book was securely packaged so these are all visible factory problems and are not because of shipping handling.

    The spine of the book actually wiggles like it’s about to fall off and has multiple vertical cracks running along it.

    The top right corners on a lot of the pages in the middle of the text-block are creased and dented from a machine, to make matters worse there are even specs of glue scattered on some of the pages gluing both pages together forcing you to tear them apart, now this really ground my gears.

    For $95 for the book plus a $50 international shipping fee all of this is just dismally disappointing.

  8. Doctor Satan PhD (verified owner)

    I’ll start off this review by stating this review is about the Cassidy(3rd edition) & My Collectors Copy of the 2nd Edition; the Cassidy Edition is the one I actively work with/through.

    Not since “The Temple of Hekate” by Tara Sanchez has there been such a complete grimoire published within the Hekatean current. There were so many connections between my own personal gnosis and the prodigiously well researched praxis presented forth, throughout the entirety of the beautiful text that is The Hekataeon. In an over simplistic manner, I equate this work to that of a very fine wine, a beautiful vintage and from a a rather extraordinary year… you innately slowly enjoy & savor every last drop with an almost cartoonish level of an emphatic smile. That’s you tastebuds are still going off, working through the complexity and flavor profiles of the vintage itself, profiles that slowly change with time and understanding. As such Jack Grayle is brilliant in his delivery, as few books of this practice can do this to me. I found myself motivated and almost overly excitement as I began, yet only to be stopped dead in my tracks. A sharp gasp, a heavy exhale and I enveloped expectations based on some sort of deep insight unknown to my conscious self; something I have only rarely have experienced with Tomes of this level, usually written by only a handful of authors(F. Acher, Chumbley, Oates, PH Giles, Grant, G. Gary, and 3-4 others). This is one of those books you’ll look back on and think to yourself that you really fucking wish you would have just spent the little extra money years ago to have absorbed the extensive knowledge within this exquisite book. Rather for me I endured a little bit of struggling to concisely absorb the Hekate current to a formidable yet respectable level; rather than going full Doctor Frankenstein in how I tried to butcher together bits and pieces of random visions and texts I thought pertinent.

    The text is organized into three books. The first is ‘Book One: The Call’; as a beginning it guides the reader through collecting and proper consecration of tools, learning and fundamentally understanding the prerequisite invocations, culminating with the transition from Reader to Devotee. In ‘Book Two: White Flame‘ The Hekataeon presents to the Witch a devotional practice taking place over the course of 28 days, transforming a
    Devotee into an Adapt. ‘Book 3: Red Blade’ is where it gets really fun, down & dirty kind of fun… and the grimoire just starts running full steam! With an introduction to Hekate’s beasts and workings of a sorcerous nature; the transition from Adapt to Initiate becomes significantly more intensified. It is only as the Initiate approaches ‘Book 4: Black Moon’ where the question of Hierophant, or Priesthood, becomes somewhat muddied and convoluted. I am always skeptical of books which claim to train Priests as this is not the traditional way of becoming appointed… as becoming a Priest includes a true in-person ordination ritual. If anything the last rites involved in this book sets one upon the path to receive the blessings of Hekate to pursue that particular path of devotion. But how to do so, and that what manner is it considered acceptable to love forward as a true Hierophant.

    That being said, I love how “The Hekataeon” is so beyond practical and extremely consistent throughout. For example, there is not some new way to purify for every single fucking ritual… the instructions are explicitly clear. I was honestly hesitant to move forward in my reading without having tried the rituals and spells firsthand. The book itself asks to be ‘activated’ with the Reader’s own blood, creating a bond of physical and spiritual connection so few actually do. Grayle speaks directly to the you the Reader, giving the book the feel of a life of it’s own… a companion and guide. Alas the assumption of the Witch being a She was nice to experience again in another serious grimoire.

    Usually I prefer the bhakti path of devotional work accompanied with theurgic principles, in comparison to traditional grimoire magick…but this was a text combining both. Making connections with not just Hekate but other compatible Deities and Spirits; including Pasiphae, Medea, Dionysus, Helios and, of course, Hermes. My personal work with Hermes and Hekate came to a standstill once I left the urban landscape for the woods. Combining the 2 deities as Grayle presents in the very last book of The Hekataeon is both clever and understandable. Hermes and Hekate are incredibly similar in their relationships with humans; friend, guide, lover. Without giving too much away, let’s just say it ends in a sabbatic orgy of Gods and Goats.

    The invocations truly speak to my own praxis. Grayle captures the raw liminal passion of informed hymns which only comes from years of devotion. Juxtaposed imagery and dark sensuality drip with the blood of stones, bones and savage poetry.

    The binding is great, the illustrations wondrous, I can’t recommend The Helataeon enough… so just do it

  9. Frank DuFriend (verified owner)

    No problem with the content but the binding is truly disappointing. I don’t know if it was in the gluing or book board orientation, but there is a very noticeable lean to my copy.

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