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Altar-icon of HEKATE PHOSPHOROS! by Rowan E. Cassidy – Limited Edition Art Hand Numbered + Signed Artist Card


Altar-icon of HEKATE PHOSPHOROS! by Rowan E. Cassidy – Limited Edition Art Hand Numbered + Signed Artist Card

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  • Gorgeous, high-definition print of Rowan E. Cassidy’s iconic portrayal of HEKATE LIGHTBRINGER
  • Limited run of 99 prints
  • 12” x 18” high-quality color image on frameable 100 lb stock
  • Comes with 4” x 5” hand-drawn calligraphy card of artist’s initials inscribed by Cassidy himself, monogrammed with his distinctive Oroboros
  • Each print is stamped on the back with a Crossroads Sigil in consecrated red ink containing the materia of a restless spirit

Miskatonic’s first-ever art release is HEKATE PHOSPHOROS, the astonishing cover image of Jack Grayle’s popular grimoire The Hekataeon.

This iconic, altar-worthy image portrays Hekate in her classic role as Lightbringer: bearing two torches that blaze through the night, the indominable goddess of magic, crossroads, and soul-journeys is flanked by Ladon, the Hesperidean Dragon who was subdued by Hekate’s priestess Medea so that the Achaean hero Jason could steal the legendary Golden Fleece. A close look reveals Cassidy’s famous calligraphy gracing the image in the form of voces magicae encircling Hekate’s feet, flowing from her torches, and unspooling from the dragon’s fiery breath.

Each print also contains a resident spirit.  Using the necromantic rite outlined in PGM IV: 1390-1495, Jack Grayle has stamped each image on the back with the Crossroads Sigil from The Hekataeon, using red ink infused with the ash from incinerated wolf fur, snake skin, and the funeral shroud of a person who died by fire.  These resident spirits are activated by the presence of candle-flame; their function is to dispel darkness, grant inspiration, and draw the devotee more closely to Hekate.

These limited prints represent a unique synthesis of art and magic, and will be sought-after for years to come!  All proceeds go to the artist.

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