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GODDESSES OF NECROMANCY by Asenath Mason and Zeraphina Angelus – Hardcover First Edition


GODDESSES OF NECROMANCY by Asenath Mason and Zeraphina Angelus – Hardcover First Edition

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First edition hardcover, published in 2023, 168 pages. Book is in new unread condition.

Published by Become a Living God

From the publisher:

The all-new grimoire, Goddesses of Necromancy, features nine carefully chosen Goddesses from various powerful world mythologies by two leading Left Hand Path magicians and coauthors, Asenath Mason and Zeraphina Angelus. Every one of the presented Goddesses possesses a close magical connection to the Death Current and the Underworld, and each represents a different primary aspect of the universal Death Principle across humanity.

Goddesses of Necromancy is a unique approach to the Death Current because it’s focused on the female representations of death, showing that the ability to give and to take life is the power of the Dark Feminine. It is the Dark Goddess who acts as the Reaper, bringing forth our fears and inhibitions to the surface and making us confront them through multiple rites of passage. It is also she who comforts us when we grieve and helps us understand both the dying process itself and the necessity of mourning. It is the Dark Goddess who stands by the dying, soothing their agony and guiding them through the veil separating the World of the Living from the Land of the Dead. She is the psychopomp who lights up the way to the Underworld with her torches, the protecting force that shields us from harm when we travel to the Other Side, the guiding star in the darkness of the eternal night, and the guardian of the gate to the Land of No-Return. By working with her, we work with death itself, gaining insight into this ultimate rite of passage and understanding of the universal cycle of birth-death-rebirth.

We have arranged all nine main chapters according to the same core pattern for your convenient access to the precise magic and knowledge within the practical initiatory grimoire.

  • Clairvoyantly-channelled portraits and unique sigils of the Goddesses of Necromancy
  • Key historical and magical backgrounds and introductions of the Goddesses as a Lady of Death
  • Ritual initiation performances to connect through gnosis with the Lady of Death in her necromantic aspect
  • Clairaudient invocations for personal communion with the Goddesses
  • Elaborate pathworkings and guided meditations for soul flight, astral travel, and lucid dreaming to her royal astral realm, or to bring her lasting energy back into your magick temple
  • Lengthy expositions on the magical meanings and careful designs of the talismanic sigils used in the workings
  • All-new innovations and breakthrough discoveries in the critical study of Necromancy, Demonology, and Goddesses Magic

Ereshkigal — The Queen Of The Great Below

Ereshkigal — The Queen of the Great Below is presented as the ruler of life and death, and the guardian of the laws of the Land of No Return. In this chapter, you will find out about her role as the initiatrix into the rites of the underworld, connect with her green flames of necromancy, and travel through the seven gates of her dark kingdom. The purpose of this work is to initiate yourself into the death current and learn about the nature of the underworld, pass through gates between the worlds of the living and the dead, and undergo a necromantic rite of passage through the dissolving essence of the Great Lady of the Earth.

Hecate-Nekyia — The Goddess Of Necromancy & Death

Hecate — In this chapter, you will connect with Hecate-Nekyia, who is the necromantic aspect of the goddess. As a Lady of Death, she appears at the crossroads and cemeteries, and all kinds of “threshold” spots, marking the idea of transition from one state to another. She is a psychopomp, guiding the souls to the underworld, and the ruler over the restless dead. Here you will learn how to create a fetish that will serve as a point of connection with the goddess, how to summon ancestral spirits and necromantic shades to act as your guides in further rituals with her, and how to connect with her death aspect through the astral realm and dream environment.

Hel — The Queen Of The Dead

Hel — The Queen of the Dead, residing in the mysterious land beneath the world tree Yggdrasil, is depicted here as an embodiment of the Terrible Mother, who swallows the souls at the moment of death. She is the devourer of the dead, the lady of the tomb, the belly of the dragon which swallows the sun every night in the west, the womb and the grave. In this chapter, you will travel to her nine worlds, take the initiation into the death mysteries through the dark tree Heldrasil, and release your unresolved traumas into the Death Current. This work involves the old shamanic technique of “seidr,” as well as modern practices of soul flight and astral travel.

Kali — The Black Mother

Kali — This chapter is dedicated to the Black Mother, the embodiment of death and destruction as well as liberation from karmic attachments. She is the Divine Mother, the destroyer of demons, and the ruthless personification of time and change. Here you will work with death as a liberating force, removing your attachments to the world, leading to realization of your immortal and infinite potential that is a part of each human being. The purpose of this working is to break through the karmic chains that bind you to any misdeeds and associated memories and emotions, releasing them in this incarnation so that they cannot follow you any further in this life or beyond it.

Libitina — The Queen Of The Afterlife

Libitina — In this chapter, you will explore the mysteries of Libitina, who is a gentle and soothing aspect of Venus. As a lady of death, she is the goddess of burial and funeral rites, mourning and sorrow. Her role is to guide the discarnate souls on they way to the afterlife and to assist those who were left behind. She brings comfort in sorrow, hope in mourning, and consolation in despair. Here you will work with her to connect both with the death aspect of the goddess and with the sensuality and fertility of Venus to fully identify and embrace your own duality, your light and dark aspects of self, your mortality of body and immortality of spirit.

Morana — The Slavic Goddess Of Winter

Morana — The Slavic goddess of winter, Morana, is connected to the Death Current as a force of nature that ends one cycle and begins another. She is also a goddess of witchcraft and nightmares, and her mysteries are explored through trances of cold and sleep paralysis. In this chapter, you will connect with her as a liminal goddess, who rules over the condition that is neither death nor life but something in between. In black magic, she can teach you how to deprive yourself of warmth and enter a trance that takes you to the Other Side. Her works resemble practices of shamanism or witchcraft, when the practitioners put their body to sleep and travel to worlds above and below in the spirit.

Morrigan — The Irish Phantom Queen

Morrigan — The Phantom Queen is explored as a goddess of war and battle, teaching that life is found in death. She is where people are dying, prompting us to confront our inhibitions, to leave our comfort zone, and to face the threat of death because this is the only way to feel truly alive. This chapter includes workings to connect both with her fearsome and sensual aspects. Working with her is about facing your Shadow as she takes you on a journey of self-exploration into the deepest part of your subconscious mind. The purpose of this work is to overcome your personal limitations and become a “warrior,” be it in the physical, mental or spiritual sense, to find your inner strength and to stand in your power.

Nephthys — The Egyptian Friend Of The Dead

Nephthys — The Egyptian goddess Nephthys is “The Friend of the Dead,” who offers guidance to the newly dead and comfort to the relatives of the one who died. She is the mistress of death, lamentation and funerary rites. In this chapter, you will learn about these powers of the goddess, but also about her aspect of the Lady of Sacrifice, which is connected with transformation as a cleansing experience. She transforms through destruction, kills the old parts of the Self to make way for growth, and assists in the process of sacrificing the old for the sake of something new to rise. The purpose of this work is to understand and endure the harsh life lessons that you have to learn in order to progress on your path.

Persephone — The Goddesses Of Sex & Pleasure

Persephone — The Queen of the Underworld is a goddess of death and the afterlife as well as of sex and pleasure. In this chapter, you will explore both aspects, learning how they are connected and how they complement each other. You will partake in the “feast of the underworld” and commune with the goddess in her realm to initiate yourself into her mysteries, which as those of both ecstasy and death. The domain of Persephone is pleasure and seduction. She shows death as a desirable condition, not something to be afraid of. Therefore, while connecting with her, you will learn how to let go of your fears and inhibitions and how to confront death in its many aspects to find the meaning of life.

Receive A FREE eBook Chapter Of “Ereshkigal: The Queen Of The Great Below” Including Her Magical Portrait, Sigil, Rituals, And More…

As always, we welcome you to receive a free ebook with a sample of chapter one from Goddesses of Necromancy, called “Ereshkigal: The Queen of the Great Below.” In it, you will discover the clairvoyantly-channeled portrait of the Goddess, her magical sigil, a step-by-step guide to performing ritual, invocation, and much more, including a clear exposition on the powers of her magic, history, and demonology.

Some of these goddesses will show you how to overcome your fear of change. Others will help you understand the necessity of endings and new beginnings. Still others will let you experience death itself, taking you on a soul flight on the border of waking and sleeping, conscious and unconscious, living and dying. All of them have an important lesson to teach — that death is a part of life, and without the awareness of death we would not be able to enjoy living.

The grimoire, Goddesses of Necromancy, becomes live to order at midnight on Monday night, March 27. We hope you enjoy working with this book of forbidden magic and knowledge, and that it will take you to a completely new level of self-empowerment!

Darkest Blessings,


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