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THE HEART OF THE MASTER by Aleister Crowley – Half Bound in Leather and Marbled Boards Limited Edition


THE HEART OF THE MASTER by Aleister Crowley – Half Bound in Leather and Marbled Boards Limited Edition

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Limited to only 200 numbered copies
Bound in half leather and marbled paper boards hand sewn

Copies edited and introduced by Frater V.V.V.
With a detailed description of the genesis of the work, its content and magickal significance in The Aeon of THELEMA.

Heart of the Master represents a seminal moment in Crowleys’ career and as his Proclamation of the Grade of Ipsissimus, should be considered one of the most important works Aleister Crowley ever produced.

The Word of the Law is THELEMA

The Heart of the Master is divided into three parts; The Vision, The Voice and The Temple of Truth.  Though the inspiration for this work was a vision, it is not considered a Class A document and was instead released in Class B (those of ordinary scholarship).  Yet the circumstances of its reception are remarkable and somewhat unique, bordering on what may be considered a truly “inspired” text.
Crowley records in his journal:

“At night went into trance, and beheld the Vision called the Heart of the Master.  At one moment I nearly fainted: and just then Brother Bar-On saw physically in the courtyard an inverted cone of blue light…”

Building on the stages of Samadhi trance in the first part (The Vision), Crowley goes on to elaborate the ten sephiroth and 22 paths of the Tree of Life (The Voice) and completes the work in a third part (The Temple of Truth), here we are provided with a synopsis of the philosophical foundations of the Great White Brotherhood leading up to THELEMA. Those said to have been guiding the Spiritual evolution of Man since time immemorial….

The final section of this book is entitled “The Mystery of Sin” which is arguably among the most brilliant summations of the Law of Thelema ever written.  Its instructions regarding “sin” are precise.  Those new to Thelema, and even accomplished Students, often struggle with the concept of how one goes about accomplishing their True Will and no clearer or concise instruction can be pointed to then what is written here.  It is highly recommended that the Aspirant return with regularity to its study.

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