THE BOOK OF SOLOMON’S MAGICK 2nd Edition by Carroll Poke Runyon – Hardcover Edition


THE BOOK OF SOLOMON’S MAGICK 2nd Edition by Carroll Poke Runyon – Hardcover Edition

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Hardcover edition of 450 pages, heavily illustrated 2nd edition published in March 2023. Book is fine condition

Published by The Church of Hermetic Sciences

This hardcover version of our modern ceremonial magick classic has been a long time coming. After twenty-five years in soft cover we are finally issuing a hardbound library edition. Many of our readers will recall the 1996 advent of our book, following the release of our video documentary The Magick of Solomon.

In most respects this 2nd edition remains true to the original. Along with additions such as my 1977 Magick and Hypnosis article. I have incorporated into the text the various addenda we have added to reprints of the book over the years. If you are a new comer to this book, and especially if you are predisposed to be critical of its theory and method, I recommend that you read Magick and Hypnosis before you deal with the main text. I have also added illustrations of tools (Zero Lite) temple furniture (double-slat altar), updated the magical alphabet and added the Hermetic Yoga Master Ritual.

Over the years we have collected numerous references confirming our theories and techniques. For most of these I have used Chapter endnotes. I have expanded the Bibliography to include works and authors cited in the additional material.

In the original softcover version of The Book of Solomon’s Magick I edited the conjurations of the Goetia (Sloane Ms 2731) leaving out those which intimidated the spirits with “the curse of chains” etc. because our patron deities were Ba’al and Astarte, viz. Bael and Ashtaroth and we felt such coercion was inappropriate. We even created an apology for the stern commands in the first conjuration. However many Goetic spirits are not as friendly or venerable as Ba’al and Astarte and we do list them all.

Since 1996 I have had to perform two exorcisms. One of which I will recount in this 2nd edition. This has prompted me to reinstate the stronger conjurations so we now have a more complete Goetia. We have also added operational log accounts and receiver sketches on several of the Goetic spirits. We have revised the classic elemental prayers and included them with the Archangelic invocations where they belong. We have also added a direct facsimile of the first Goetia conjuration from the original manuscript. This document proves that Elizabethan magicians were aware that Jehovah was not “the most high God.”

We are also publishing a detailed reproduction of Peter Smart’s Magick Mirror on a stand, proving that it is exactly that. Also we are showing a restored version of the seldom seen Ostia Medallion from the 2nd century showing Hecate and King Solomon; connecting Solomonic ceremonial magick and witchcraft. And finally we show a very rare photo of Edward Kelley’s black obsidian scrying mirror in the British Museum.

All considered we think it fair to say that The Book of Solomon’s Magick is finally in its complete and perfected form. We hope all sincere students of the Art Magical will make good use of it.

V.H. Frater Thabion, O.R.C.

Rivendell Hermitage and Temple

Silverado, California, 2023


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