THE DEVIL’S NOCTUARY: Being the First Song of Qayin by Gavin W. Semple – Limited Edition Hardcover

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THE DEVIL’S NOCTUARY: Being the First Song of Qayin by Gavin W. Semple – Limited Edition Hardcover

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This is a hardcover limited edition of only 333 copies. Bound in black buckram, silver foil stamping, head and tail bands. 52 pages published in 2020. Book is in new unread condition.

Published by Atramentous Press

From the publisher:

The book situates the reader in relation to Qayin by leading you through a diverse range of adorations, that when realised impart the structure of an overall Rite. This book is witty, clever in its structure, and with swift of hand delivers a beauty to an impossible dilemma.

Semple is a highly regarded author, artist, initiate and leading expert on the life and times of Austin Osman Spare, being an initiate of Cultus Sabbati, as well as one of the four original members of the Dragon’s Column, the working group which led to Andrew D. Chumbley writing Dragon Book of Essex.

Author of Zos-Kia: An Introductory Essay on the Art and Sorcery of Austin Osman Spare; Two Tracts of Cartomancy; Study for a Portrait of Frank Letchford: Being a Brief Memoir of a Friend and Student of Austin Osman Spare, and editor of  Book of Ugly Ecstasy by Austin Osman Spare…to mention just a few of his publications, he has kindly offered Atramentous Press the opportunity to publish a homage to Qayin, entitled: The Devil’s Noctuary. This is a quintessential contribution to both the Draconic and Cultus Sabbati currents. Having remained for over a decade locked away from prying eyes, this 52 page manuscript is one of the most important texts to have emerged since the passing of Andrew D. Chumbley in 2004.


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