THE GREEN MYSTERIES Arcana Viridia: An Occult Herbarium by Daniel A. Schulke – Limited Edition Hardcover


Full green cloth with color dust jacket. Limited to 1500 copies

Book is in fine condition

Published by Three Hands Press

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Full green cloth with color dust jacket. Limited to 1500 copies

Dimensions 11.25 x 7.5 x 2.25 in
Author: Daniel A. Schulke

Artist: Benjamin Vierling

Calligrapher: Gail Coppock

Publication Date: Spring 2023

Page Count: 560

Published by Three Hands Press

About this book:

From the author of Veneficium comes The Green Mysteries, the monumental product of twenty-five years of experiential research on the spiritual and occult properties of plants. Being a compendium of trees and herbs from countless spiritual traditions, this exhaustive Herbal of esoteric botany examines in detail the folklore, magical uses and spiritual essences of the vegetal kingdom. While presenting the material through both magical and mythopoetic narrative, the stance of the book is also grounded firmly in supportive disciplines such as botany, chemistry, and anthropology, and also includes up-to-date phylogenetic and pharmacological findings. The text focuses especially upon the Doctrine of Plant Essence, and how those powers are utilized in the active practice of magic and sorcery.

Interspersed with encyclopedic plant entries are short narratives addressing such concepts as the Witches’ Flying Oinment, intoxicating incense, the herbal dimension of Alchemy, and the ‘Green Saints’ such as Al-Khidir, the medieval Wildman, and the forest-dwelling Nymphs who nourished the Greek gods. More than a mere collation of previously existing works on plants, much of the material is drawn directly from the author’s private field notes, diaries, and manuals of magical operation from 1991-2016, presented in an engaging narrative style. 


—560 pages, with over 275 original illustrations specifically commissioned for this book, with original calligraphy by Gail Coppock
—12 full-page color plates
—Magical Correspondences, Ethnobotany, Folklore & Chemistry
—Charts, Tables, Diagrams and Lexica of Magical Botany
—Extensive information on Pharmacology and Poisons
—Recipes and Ritual Formulae 

Among the Twenty-Seven essays included within are ‘Devils in the Basilica,’ ‘The Meaning of Viriditas’, and ‘The Rhabdomantic Art.’ Also present is a special inclusion of a text entitled The Dream-Book of Sylvanus.

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THE GREEN MYSTERIES Arcana Viridia: An Occult Herbarium by Daniel A. Schulke - Limited Edition Hardcover THE GREEN MYSTERIES Arcana Viridia: An Occult Herbarium by Daniel A. Schulke - Limited Edition Hardcover
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  1. DS

    This review is not just on the amazing work that is The Green Mysteries, but also on Miskatonic Books. Like many I was really annoyed at the lack of communication after preordering 2 years before TGM was finally released. As expected when release was announced I was rather annoyed, but also put back on the hunt for this prestigious work. So I reached out to the estimable man himself, Larry here at Miskatonic, only asking if he’d let me know if he happens to get any in stock. He immediately told me he’d sort it out for me, and we’d settle up once he got an active timeframe for arrival. About 2 weeks later, I got the email, and 10 days after that the Hardcover had arrived arrive in perfect condition.

    I’m so happy I followed my instincts. The Green Mysteries is a massive Tome, absolutely engorged with Herbal knowledge & associated applications. To overly simplify it, this massive book is a well refined & researched encyclopedia focusing on esoteric botany and the many roles these herbs & trees play within a world so unbelievably vast. Schulke creates an amazingly beautiful & very useful reservoir so deeply intrenched in the type of knowledge & practically that only comes from putting 25 years into a book that’s without any doubt, a central source to any practitioner.

    (3) (0)
  2. CH

    THP and Daniel Schiller have done it again with this tremendous and breathtaking compilation of plant lore . The standard hardcover is so beautiful I had to get it even though I have the deluxe edition. The dust jacket itself is a work of art. The content is a monumental work of herbal folklore and plant magic. Schulke is a phenomenal writer and the artwork of Vierling is pure magic and absolutely sets the tone of the entire book.

    (3) (0)
  3. F

    Daniel A. Schulke presents what must be the culmination of a lifetime’s worth of research, study, observation, curiosity, exploration and experimentation into surely the grandest illustrated occult herbarium ever conceived within the western pantheon. A wonderful balance of pharmacology and ethnobotany along with a corresponding gnosis of plant lore and magick is compiled here with loving detail.

    What strikes as most impressive is the care given to each and every entry. No two are alike. Ideas are not simply grafted onto one another. Occasional poetry intermingles with witching essays, all exquisitely written with potency and passion. Surprises await the turn of nearly every page. To list the entire contents of this book would be both criminal and utterly futile. Seek out this tomb and marvel at its scope.

    The intricate and often epic illustrations rendered by Benjamin A. Vierling are a sight to behold. The entire volume is profusely illustrated, both in pencil and in full color. Gail Coppock provides beautifully customized calligraphy to buttress the hundreds of entries found throughout.

    Essentially timeless and sure to be considered an instant classic.

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