THE GRIMOIRE ENCYCLOPAEDIA: A convocation of spirits, texts, materials, and practices by David Rankine, Two Volume Set – Limited Edition Hardcover


THE GRIMOIRE ENCYCLOPAEDIA: A convocation of spirits, texts, materials, and practices by David Rankine, Two Volume Set – Limited Edition Hardcover


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These first hardcover edition are limited to seven hundred copies strict. Printed on 90gsm Munken white paper, covered in black cloth with printed marbled endpapers and stamped in silver on front and spine. Books are in new unread condition.

Vol. 1: 756 pp.
Vol 2: 676 pp.
254mm x 178mm


Published by Hadean Press



Volume I

Before the Grimoires
Spirit Hierarchies
The Practice of Conjuration
Encyclopaedic Entries
Spirit List

Volume 2

Appendix I: On the Use of Crystals
Appendix II: Incense Ingredients
Appendix III: Incense and Oil Recipes
Appendix IV: On the Use of Inks
Appendix V: Materia Magica
Appendix VI: Magical Rings
Appendix VII: On the Use of Metals
Appendix VIII: On the Use of Plants
Appendix IX: Spirit Contract for Padiel
Appendix X: Spirit Feasts
Appendix XI: The Magic Circle
Appendix XII: Timings
Appendix XIII: Of Future Times
Appendix XIV: Tools of the Trade


The Bible
Greek Magical Papyri
Supplementum Magicum
Testament of Solomon
Ancient Christian Magic
Sepher ha-Razim
Shi’ur Qomah
Sword of Moses
De Lapidibus
Liber Prestigiorum
Liber Lunae
Notary Art
Ars Almandel
Sepher Raziel
Summa Sacre Magice
Sworn Book of Honorius
Elucidation of Necromancy
Book of the Seven Rings of the Planets of Messalah
Book of Consecrations
Munich Handbook of Necromancy
Annulorum Experimenta
Wisdom of Apollonius
The Book of Angels, Rings, Characters and Images of the Planets
Liber Runarum
Le Grand Albert
Necromancy in the Medici Library
Key of Solomon
De Nigromancia
Herpentil texts
De Septem Secundeis
Antipalus Maleficiorum
Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals
Three Books of Occult Philosophy
Cambridge Book of Magic
Le Livre des Esperitz
Sepher Shimmush Tehillim
Magia Naturalis
Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy
Secrets of Solomon
Pseudomonarchia Daemonum
An Excellent Booke of the Art of Magicke
Secret of Secrets
Book of Oberon
Book of the Offices of Spirits
Enchiridion of Pope Leo III
Discoverie of Witchcraft
Crafte of Conjurynge
Archidoxes of Magic
De Heptarchia Mystica
Antiphoner Notebook
Boxgrove Manual
Tuba Veneris
Tabula Bonorum Angelorum Invocationes
Book of Abramelin
Key of Necromancy
Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis
Magical Calendar
Grimoire of Arthur Gauntlet
Ars Paulina
Of Angels, Demons & Spirits
Book of Gold
Janua Magica Reserata
Nine Celestial Keys
Book of Treasure Spirits
Pneumatologia Occulta
Grimoire of Pope Honorius
Semiphoras and Shemhamphorash
Books of St Cyprian
Sepher Maphteah Shelomoh
Sepher Rezial Hemelach
Petit Albert
Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus
Grimoire of Armadel
Ars Phytonica
Grand Grimoire/Red Dragon
Veritable Magie Noire
A Most Rare Compendium of the Whole Magical Art
A Collection of Magical Secrets
Clavis Inferni
The Magus
Grimorium Verum
Dictionnaire Infernal
Black Pullet
Complete Book of Magic Science
Verus Jesuitarum Libellus
6th and 7th Books of Moses
Black Dragon
Grimoire Sympathia
Supreme Black Red & Infernal Magic
Secret Grimoire of Turiel
Sworn and Secret Grimoire


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