THE WEIRD OF HALI: INNSMOUTH by John Michael Greer (Signed Limited Edition Hardcover)


THE WEIRD OF HALI: INNSMOUTH by John Michael Greer (Signed Limited Edition Hardcover)

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One of only 500 signed and hand numbered hardcover copies.  Each copy will be custom and signed by the author and strictly limited to only 500 hand numbered copies.
There Are Two Sides To Every Story
Like every other grad student at Miskatonic University, Owen Merrill knows about the Great Old Ones, the nightmare beings out of ancient legend that H.P. Lovecraft unearthed from archaic texts and turned into icons of modern fantasy fiction. Then a chance discovery—a lost letter written by Lovecraft to fellow Weird Tales author Robert Blake—offers a glimpse into the frightful reality behind the legends, and sends Owen on a desperate quest for answers that shatters his familiar world forever.
As he flees across the witch-haunted Massachusetts landscape toward the mysterious seaside town of Innsmouth, Owen finds himself caught up in a secret war between the servants of the Great Old Ones and their ancient enemies, a war in which yesterday’s friend may be tomorrow’s foe and nothing is as it seems. The history of the world is not what he has been taught—and the tentacles reaching out for him from the shadows of a forbidden past may hold not only his one chance of escape from the terrifying forces closing around him, but the last hope of life on Earth…

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1 review for THE WEIRD OF HALI: INNSMOUTH by John Michael Greer (Signed Limited Edition Hardcover)

  1. Kyle Clayton (verified owner)

    First, a review of Miskatonic’s service. Within 9 minutes of placing my order, I already had an e-mail with a tracking number and a shipment notification. Now that’s FAST! Books arrived in bubble wrap, which is important given how nice the binding is. A very high quality print job. Both Innsmouth and Kingsport look radiant on a bookshelf.

    The Weird of Hali: Innsmouth was fantastic fun. I have never ready any of the weird tales that inspired it, but it was easy to pick up on the references, and the novice reader will not have any issue following along. Once the story got steam, I could hardly put it down. It only took me a few days of after-work reading to knock it out. I won’t give away any details, but it was well-woven, smart, and full of fantasy action that felt like a welcome twist on the standard fare. Part mystery, part epic fantasy, wholly satisfying. I started on book 2, Kingsport, immediately after finishing Innsmouth, finished that one just as quickly, and am waiting impatiently for the third book to be released.

    • Larry Roberts

      Thanks so much for the wonderful comments on our service and on the Weird of Hali series. There are a lot more volumes to come in this series the third has already been turned in by the author.

      All the best

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