UNDERWORLD: A Practical Guide to Necromancy by Sepulcher Society forward by Tomas Vincente – Limited Edition 2nd Edition Hardcover


UNDERWORLD: A Practical Guide to Necromancy by Sepulcher Society forward by Tomas Vincente – Limited Edition 2nd Edition Hardcover

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Bibliographic details:

  • features a new, exclusive foreword by Tomas Vincente, author of The Faceless God,
  • 240 pages, 165×235 mm,
  • printed on high quality Lessebo Design smooth ivory paper (115gsm),
  • incl. full-page color artwork by Tau Raimond and
  • several black & white illustrations,
  • Surbalin deep black endpapers.

Cloth Hardcover Edition 

  • Bound in deep black fine cloth,
  • front embossing, lettering on spine, headbands, ribbon,
  • Limited to 945 copies

About this title:

Theion Publishing is proud to announce the revised and expanded second edition of Underworld, an expert study and manual of practical necromancy.

The Living stand in awe and fear before the forbidden realms of the Underworld. Yet, for thousands of years, necromancers have practiced the black arts to traffic with legions of the Dead, the demonic spawn of the Chthonic realms and even with the Dark Rulers themselves.

From the blood-thirsty Gods of the Aztec empire to the infernal Queen of the Babylonians, this work provides detailed descriptions of multiple cultural models of the Underworld and its deities and how to engage such entities. Underworld addresses the chthonic realm and its associated spiritual practices from the viewpoint of the contemporary occultist and focuses its discussion on the intrusive aspect of the chthonian powers, which are not constrained to the world of the Dead. This work offers a wealth of practical information and instructions for effective techniques of necromancy. Underworld details how the modern magician can enter the pathways of Hell to gain tremendous personal powers and advantages for his spiritual life and journey.

Compiled by a member of the secret Sepulcher Society, Underworld is an essential manual for any serious occultist interested in necromantic theory and practice.

The Sepulcher Society (TSS) is a hydra with many heads. A closed metaphysical working group, the Sepulcher Society is dedicated to serious esoteric and academic research as well as magical practice. Members and authors of TSS remain anonymous and consequently all their works released through Theion Publishing bear only the name of the Sepulcher Society.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Tomas Vincente


Part One: Underworlds 

Irkalla. The Underworld in Babylonian Tradition

Hades. The Underworld in Greco-Roman Tradition

Tír nAill. The Underworld in Celtic Tradition

Patala. The Underworld in Vedic Tradition

Hel. The Underworld in Germanic Tradition

Mictlan. The Underworld in Aztec Tradition

Underworld Synthesis

Part Two: Chthonic Gods

  • Chthonian Archetypes
  • Aztec Deities
  • Babylonian Deities
  • Germanic Deities
  • Greco-Roman Deities
  • Celtic Deities
  • Indian Deities

Part Three: Necromancy

  • Basic Practices
  • Devotional Practices
  • Consecration Practices
  • Soul-Travel (Trance)
  • Soul-Travel (Dream Version)
  • Communication Ritual
  • Call the Cold Winds
  • Preparing for Death




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