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Miskatonic Bestsellers (September 25-October 1, 2023)


Here is a look at the past week’s bestselling books at Miskatonic Books…


THE HEKATAEON by Jack Grayle – MEDEA Edition Limited Edition Hardcover with Expanded Material


The last edition of The Hekataeon sold out in three weeks, and it has remained in high demand ever since. Due to hundreds of requests, Grayle Press is now re-issuing this popular grimoire in a formidable, altar-worthy volume that contains a complete self-initiation into the mysteries of Hekate.

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THE GRIMOIRE OF THE 72 ANGELS OF THE SHEMHAMPHORASH by Qirui Huo – Hardcover Edition (Preorder)

This book contains the complete transcript of the three magic manuscripts as regards the 72 Angels. It includes The Divine Cabal, The Book of the Cabala ie Lemoth or of Names, and The Schem-ham-maphoras.


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THAI OCCULT 2: Regions of Power by Jenx – Hand Numbered Limited Edition Hardcover


“Thai Occult 2: Regions of Power” is highly-anticipated sequel to Peter Jenx’s sold-out masterpiece, “The Thai Occult.” TTO2 takes the reader on a wild journey, exploring the amazing regional variations of Thai folk magic.

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SATURN RISING & INTO THE VOID BY J.T. Kirkbride – Hardcover Edition


Saturn Rising is a talismanic grimoire promoting the veneration, worship and pursuit of death in all its formless glory, whether manifesting as death-as-ending, death-as-change, or death-as-rebirth. While it may appear that creation and destruction are the two ends of a very broad spectrum, this work serves to guide the reader to the understanding that they are…

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Sacerdotium Umbrae Mortis by Gilles De Laval – Hardcover Edition (Preorder)


The system is based on meticulous research into the eleven tribes of Canaan, enemies of the Right-Hand Path who esoterically represent eleven classes of hostile, predatory vampiric shadowforms who emanate from hells of black magick and the anti-world of death. Multiple levels of correspondences and esoteric enumerations are given as well as conjuration sigils and…

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In the three years since the publication of the first edition of Black Magic Evocation of the Shem ha Mephorash, I have written and published four more works. The first addition to my continuously evolving oeuvre was Sacerdotium Umbrae Mortis, a deep, semiotic exegesis of the eleven tribes of Canaan and their enumeration and systematization into…

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SEFER YEROCH RUACHOT by G. De Laval – Hardcover Edition


A third, previously unpublished Shem ha Mephorash system. Whereas the original Shem ha Mephorash was considered by those who hold it sacred to be The Explicit Name of [יהוה], the Yeroch Ruachot are a complex cipher whose solution invokes and illustrates not the mysteries of the Tetragrammaton but those of said Deity’s cosmic antagonist.

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KITAB ALEAWA´FI LAYLAT ALSAHRA: The Book of Howling in the Desert Night by Amir Alzzalam – Limited Edition Hardcover

Within this tome lies a modern grimoire, a compendium unveiling an ancient majiq that promises to effectuate a transmutation profound, an ascent towards the apotheosis of one’s psyche and soul.


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THE RED SHEPHERD: Towards a New Image of Dumuzid by Samuel David – Limited Edition Hardcover


Myth would inform us that Dumuzid was merely the effete, hapless shepherd god who invoked the anger of his wife, Inanna, and became little more than a footnote in myth.

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CELESTIAL INTELLIGENCES by Greg Kaminsky – Paperback Edition


The work of Renaissance philosopher Giovanni Pico della Mirandola is both significant and interesting for a number of reasons. First, his writings provide both an approach to, and an understanding of, ancient wisdom traditions (philosophical and religious systems) and the way that we receive them in modern times. This is partly a discovery of how…

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