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Miskatonic Bestsellers (October 30-November 5, 2023)


Here is a look at the past week’s bestselling books at Miskatonic Books…


GATEWAYS THROUGH STONE AND CIRCLE by Frater Ashen Chassan 10 year Anniversary Edition – Limited Edition Hardcover


Limited edition hardcover of only 1,000 copies. 6×9, 200pp, cloth bound, with foilstamp, and sewn in satin ribbon marker. Introduction by Dr. Stephen Skinner and new foreword by the author. Book has been completely re-typeset, with many new illustrations. Picture show is a mockup of what we anticipate the final book will resemble. There may…

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THEIA PHILOSOPHIA: A MANUAL OF THE ROYAL ARTE by Jason Arthur Green – Limited Edition Hardcover

Theia Philosophia: A Manual of the Royal Arte by Jason Arthur Green is a Theurgic system of training focused principally on achieving Henosis, the unification with the divine. This practical manual offers insights and guidance for the soul’s potential attainment of the symbiosis between the mortal and immortal.

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QUEEN OF HELL: Special Hand-bound Dark Moon Huntress Edition with Extra Material by Mark Alan Smith – Semi-Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition Hardcover

I have been aware for quite some time that many of you would like to acquire the now long out of print essays – those detailing the path and giving overviews of my own work, as well as those which grant a greater understanding of not just my own journey, but the Path of Flames as a whole.

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THAI OCCULT 2: Regions of Power by Jenx – Hand Numbered Limited Edition Hardcover


“Thai Occult 2: Regions of Power” is highly-anticipated sequel to Peter Jenx’s sold-out masterpiece, “The Thai Occult.” TTO2 takes the reader on a wild journey, exploring the amazing regional variations of Thai folk magic.

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GATEWAYS THROUGH LIGHT & SHADOW by Frater Ashen Chassan – NEW Standard Hardcover Edition


GATEWAYS THROUGH LIGHT & SHADOW by Frater Ashen Chassan – NEW Standard Hardcover Edition

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THE HEKATAEON by Jack Grayle – MEDEA Edition Limited Edition Hardcover with Expanded Material


The last edition of The Hekataeon sold out in three weeks, and it has remained in high demand ever since. Due to hundreds of requests, Grayle Press is now re-issuing this popular grimoire in a formidable, altar-worthy volume that contains a complete self-initiation into the mysteries of Hekate.

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MEMENTO MORI: A Call to the Death and The Cult of La Santa Muerte edited by Edgar Kerval – Limited Edition Hardcover


Memento Mori explores diverse aspects of the Santa Muerte tradition. In its pages, you will discover the arcane gnosis which connects the practitioner to the spirit of death in its deepest and darkest forms. Here you will wander into the dark void of the grave and explore the sacred knowledge of plants connected to the…

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SON OF PROMETHEUS: The Life and Work of Joséphin Péladan by Dr. Sasha Chaitow – Limited Edition Hardcover


Sasha Chaitow’s Son of Prometheus is the first scholarly study of the life and work of Joséphin Péladan that succeeds in placing it in the context of the history of Western Esotericism while also providing a clear roadmap to the entirety of Péladan’s initiatory teachings and philosophy of the esoteric power of art. Responding to multiple cultural…

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IMAGO: BODY. VISION. MAGICK By Robert H. Allen – Limited Edition Hardcover


In his groundbreaking work, Robert Allen restores the image to its rightful place at the heart of the Western esoteric tradition. He argues that the careful relation of image, vision and understanding holds the power to opening the portals to a magickal practice which is both initiatory and transformative. Imago investigates the root of the…

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BEING & NON-BEING IN OCCULT EXPERIENCE: VOLUME 3: Kenneth Grant & The Vulture’s Cry by Ian C. Edwards – Limited Edition Hardcover


The Vulture’s Cry requires that it not be believed for it to be “true.” This is a variation of Spare’s “true belief” and is in keeping with Cioran’s atheism, “I will only believe in a god that doesn’t believe in himself.” In essence, the book is an invitation to believe through not believing. If some…

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