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Here is a look at the bestelling esoteric and occult books at Miskatonic Books as compiled in our weekly list. To all those who have purchased a book from our weekly bestsellers, thank you for being an integral part of this journey into the realms of the unknown. Your support is a beacon that guides us as we continue to explore the depths of esoteric knowledge and share the timeless wisdom that lies within these books.


IO TYPHON by Harper Feist – Limited Edition Hardcover Quarter Bound in Leather with Custom Slipcase


In ancient myth, Typhon was the deicidal godbeast that drove the Olympians into Egypt and tore Zeus’s sinews from his body. Set was the adversarial god of the desert who dismembered Osiris to pursue the beautiful Isis. Typhon-Set is the Kemetic syncretization of both: a ferocious daimon invoked in the Greco-Egyptian Magical Papyri to scatter…

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LIBER TIAMAT: The Book of Unbecoming by XI/XIII – Limited Edition Hardcover


 Liber Tiamat: The Book of Unbecoming is profusely illustrated with hundreds of sigils, runes and symbols, as well as several full-page illustrations, all working together to explain in detail the complex but detailed methodology behind XI/XIII’s teachings. The contents of this mystical tome are detailed and complex enough to deserve being studied for years to come. 

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ON CHRIST AND ANTICHRIST by Hippolytus with Introduction by Claudio Rocchetti – First Edition Hardcover


On Christ and Antichrist is an exploration of the symbolism found in the Old and New Testament accounts of the end of days, particularly the synaesthetic language of Daniel and Revelation. It is also a compelling example of the late-Classical teaching text, whereby a teacher mentors and expounds to a named student – Theophilus, in this…

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THE GODDESS SEALS: Sacred Magickal Symbols for Modern Magickal Practitioners by Nikki Wardwell Sleath – Limited Edition Hardcover


Nikki Wardwell Sleath is an initiated priestess in the Religious Order of Witchcraft and the founder of The Society of Witchcraft and Old Magick. After long and successful experience using the Magickal Seals from such grimoires as the Greater Key of Solomon, The Black Pullet, and the Lemegeton to enrich and empower her magickal workings,…

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LIONESS: THE SONG OF INANNA by Samuel David – Limited Edition Hardcover


Published by Grayle Press 500 hand-numbered copies Four beautiful illustrations and ten red cuneiform epithets by Rowan E. Cassidy Bound in golden bookcloth and red calf with scarlet foilstamp of Inanna’s Star Sturdy slipcase bound in black Milbank linen with gold foilstamp cuneiform epithet 106 pages of smyth-sewn cream 100 lb stock Saffron and scarlet…

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SEFER HA SITRA ACHRA: The Book of Descent by A.D. Mercer – Limited Edition Hardcover


Indeed, Sitra Achra predates the Qlippoth by a significant number of years and is hinted at in some of the oldest mystical texts. However, the Sitra Achra has increasingly become the purview of the modern Left Hand Path, and, while this is not necessarily a bad thing, it has meant that the Sitra Achra has…

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HERMETIC ARCANUM by Jean d’Espagnet – Limited Edition Hardcover


Hermetic Arcanum was first published in Paris by Nicolas Buon in 1623, alongside another anonymous treatise by the same author, Enchiridion Physicae Restitutae. Rather than have his name appear in print, Jean d’Espagnet concealed his name in an anagram: Penes Nos Unda Tagi. Arcanum almost immediately became one of the most influential alchemical treatises on the Philosopher’s Stone, largely thanks to…

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THEIA PHILOSOPHIA: A MANUAL OF THE ROYAL ARTE by Jason Arthur Green – Limited Edition Hardcover


Theia Philosophia: A Manual of the Royal Arte by Jason Arthur Green is a Theurgic system of training focused principally on achieving Henosis, the unification with the divine. This practical manual offers insights and guidance for the soul’s potential attainment of the symbiosis between the mortal and immortal.

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THE GAME OF SATURN by Peter Mark Adams (High Quality Oversized Paperback)


THE GAME OF SATURN by Peter Mark Adams (High Quality Oversized Paperback)

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THAI OCCULT 1 by Jenx – Limited Edition Hardcover


One of only 500 hand numbered limited edition hardcovers. Bound in crimson cloth with sewn in ribbon marker, with Phra Ngang foil stamp and illustrated endpaper.  Book is approximately 668 pages, 6×9, and is heavily illustrated and printed on archival laminated paper. Published by Araxes Press  

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A Thank You Note From Miskatonic Books!

Thank you to all our loyal community members for purchasing a title on our Bestelling Esoteric and Occult books list this past week! You’ve embarked on a journey into the arcane and the unknown with Miskatonic Books, creating this carefully curated list that unveils the secrets of the esoteric and occult realms. We delve together into a vast spectrum of subjects, from the forbidden arts of demonology and grimoires to the profound teachings of the Golden Dawn, the enigmatic world of Aleister Crowley, and the age-old mysteries of alchemy.

Every week, Miskatonic Books offers readers a chance to explore the hidden wisdom of ancient traditions and unravel the threads of the mysterious tapestry that weaves through the occult. This bestseller list serves as a gateway to knowledge that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary, inviting seekers to expand their understanding of the mystical arts.

As we unveil the captivating titles that have captured the imagination of esoteric enthusiasts worldwide, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the avid readers and seekers who have made each book on this list a bestseller. Your curiosity and passion for the esoteric not only fuel our commitment to providing unparalleled literary treasures but also contribute to the vibrant community that surrounds Miskatonic Books.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner, a curious novice, or simply someone fascinated by the mystique of the occult, Miskatonic Books invites you to join us on a path of discovery. As we express our gratitude for your ongoing support, we look forward to another week of unraveling mysteries and exploring the profound wisdom that awaits those who dare to seek.

—Larry Roberts & the Miskatonic Books Staff

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