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CYPRIAN’S OFFICES OF SPIRITS: Night School Volume II by Jake Stratton-Kent – Limited Edition Hardcover


In this second volume, Cyprian’s Offices of Spirits, Jake moves us into the realm of Cyprianic spirit-work, the mysteries of the Lunar Mansions, and an investigation of the Kings and Queens of the Elementals. Moving between history and practice, Cyprian’s Offices of Spirits, as its predecessor did with Turiel, takes its inspiration from Nathaniel Moulth’s…

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About the Author

Jake Stratton-Kent (born April 27, 1956 and died January 17, 2023) was a British author, practitioner, and researcher in the fields of Western esotericism, magic, and folklore. He is best known for his works on ritual magic, particularly his books on the tradition of grimoires and ceremonial magic.

Stratton-Kent has written extensively on topics such as demonology, necromancy, and traditional witchcraft, drawing from both historical sources and his own practical experiences. Some of his notable works include The True GrimoireGeosophia: The Argo of Magic, and The Testament of Cyprian the Mage.

He is highly regarded within the occult community for his deep understanding of traditional magical practices and his scholarly approach to the subject matter.

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