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The Bestelling Books of 2023


The following list contains the top-10 bestselling books of 2023 in items sold through Miskatonic Books. Congratulations to the authors and publishers who’ve made this list and special thanks to all collectors and readers who’ve made this list possible!


THE HEKATAEON by Jack Grayle – MEDEA Edition Limited Edition Hardcover with Expanded Material

The last edition of The Hekataeon sold out in three weeks, and it has remained in high demand ever since. Due to hundreds of requests, Grayle Press is now re-issuing this popular grimoire in a formidable, altar-worthy volume that contains a complete self-initiation into the mysteries of Hekate.


THAI OCCULT 2: Regions of Power by Jenx – Hand Numbered Limited Edition Hardcover

“Thai Occult 2: Regions of Power” is highly-anticipated sequel to Peter Jenx’s sold-out masterpiece, “The Thai Occult.” TTO2 takes the reader on a wild journey, exploring the amazing regional variations of Thai folk magic. What comes to light is not a dusty, monolithic tradition, but a fluid, adaptable system of spirit work that changes with the changing times.


HOLY DAIMON by Frater Acher – Limited Edition Hardcover 2nd Edition

Holy Daimon is issued in a new edition, with 18 illustrations by Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal. This first volume of Frater Acher’s Holy Daimon cycle is the result of more than ten years of ritual and theoretical magical research, and is comprised of three parts: History, Memory and Practice, providing a well-grounded introduction, as well as a practical path to creating communion with one’s holy daimon.


Lioness: Song of Innana

LIONESS: THE SONG OF INANNA by Samuel David – Limited Edition Hardcover

Within its 106 pages of smyth-sewn cream 100 lb stock, you’ll find the evocative verses of a Hymn to Inanna, a sacred work not published for over three millennia. Samuel David, renowned for his Mesopotamian esoteric writings, has crafted a masterpiece that rekindles the ancient flame once ignited by Enheduanna, history’s first known author.


Drawing Spirits Into Crystals

GATEWAYS THROUGH STONE AND CIRCLE by Frater Ashen Chassan 10 year Anniversary Edition – Limited Edition Hardcover

Unlock the secrets of ancient ceremonial magic with Gateways Through Stone and Circle, a comprehensive exploration of the profound “Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals.” This compendium is the culmination of personal experiences and meticulous research conducted by a seasoned traditional ceremonial magician who has delved deep into the classical book of magic.

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THE BOOK OF SOLOMON’S MAGICK 2nd Edition by Carroll Poke Runyon – Hardcover Edition

This hardcover version of our modern ceremonial magick classic has been a long time coming. After twenty-five years in soft cover we are finally issuing a hardbound library edition. Many of our readers will recall the 1996 advent of our book, following the release of our video documentary The Magick of Solomon.


HOLY HERETICS by Frater Acher – Limited Edition Hardcover

Holy Heretics is the third and final volume in the Holy Daimon cycle. Blending occult philosophy, magic and mysticism, Frater Acher guides the reader through the centuries with a series of practical exercises and rites which ultimately restore the powerful Olympic spirits to their original magical context.


Esezezus By Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule – Limited Edition Hardcover with CD and Map of Hermes

Hekate – Hermes – Baphomet – Babalon! Open this book and the gods leap from the page – Each rendered in exquisite, full-color paintings in this astounding collection by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule: ESEZEZUS!

Esezezus is a new word; it embodies the ecstasy of tongues as both physical vessels of language and as languages themselves.


THE GREEN MYSTERIES Arcana Viridia: An Occult Herbarium by Daniel A. Schulke – Limited Edition Hardcover

From the author of Veneficium comes The Green Mysteries, the monumental product of twenty-five years of experiential research on the spiritual and occult properties of plants. Being a compendium of trees and herbs from countless spiritual traditions, this exhaustive Herbal of esoteric botany examines in detail the folklore, magical uses and spiritual essences of the vegetal kingdom.


GATEWAYS THROUGH LIGHT & SHADOW by Frater Ashen Chassan – NEW Standard Hardcover Edition

Gateways Through Light and Shadow is the second book by Bryan Garner, known to his fellow ceremonial magicians as Frater Ashen Chassan, and in it we are again offered the illuminating opportunity to observe and learn from a practicing magus engaged in his Work. Once more he offers instruction in the processes of grimoric ceremonial magic and shares the insights he has gained from his ongoing research and operations. 

Again thanks to everyone for making 2023 an amazing year! These bestselling books of 2023 are a great representation of the quality offerings made available in the occult and esoteric markets this year. This market has grown in interest over the past year and we at Miskatonic Books look forward to continuing this trend in 2024.

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